Far Away Fan

A podcast about football fans, and their long distance love for clubs at the other end of the world. In each episode, we speak to a guest to understand how and why they ended up dedicating themselves to a football club. But most importantly what it has meant to them, and what it has brought to their lives. Get in touch with us on Twitter @FarAwayFanPod (https://twitter.com/FarAwayFanPod) or on Instagram @FarAwayFanPod (https://www.instagram.com/farawayfanpod/)


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episode 15: "Omuroma, it means one who supports Roma" - Kelly Keith, Uganda - A.S. Roma, Italy

Kelly Keith is from Kampala, Uganda and is a passionate AS Roma fan.

Keith was a Manchester United fan because of his family. He started to watch Roma on television and liked the way they played. So he started to choose them as his team on FIFA. His passion for Roma has grown over the years as he continued to play the game. He went on to tell me about how the Italian fans and their passion are one of the many reasons he loves the team...


 2020-12-16  25m

episode 14: "Young kids were saying, can I take a selfie with you" - Marius Helgå, Oslo, Norway - Gimnàstic de Tarragona, Spain.

Marius Helgå is from Oslo, Norway and is a supporter of Gimnàstic de Tarragona, Spain.

Marius is a union representative and plays the bass trombone in his spare time. In 2006, he was visiting Spain with a band and visited the city of Tarragona. He fell in love with the city and decided to start following the club. He runs the twitter handle @NasticNoruega. The team currently plays in the third division of Spain...


 2020-11-28  35m

episode 13: They thought I was a fake account - Adrian Ochoa, Tijuana, Mexico - Kaizer Chiefs, South Africa

Adrian Ochoa is from Tijuana, Mexico and is a supporter of Kaizer Chiefs, South Africa. 

The World Cup 2010 in South Africa had a huge impact on Adrian, so much so that he was supporting South Africa in the opening game versus Mexico. 
He has a Twitter handle @KaizerChiefsMex where he tweets about the club is Spanish.

We spoke about the World Cup, the generosity of the South African fans and why watching international football makes him so happy...


 2020-11-14  33m

A mid season trailer

A mid season trailer, listen to fans from across the globe talk about their experiences. 


 2020-10-20  2m

episode 12: Martin Devlin, Inverness, Scotland - Real Valladolid, Spain

Martin Devlin is from Inverness, Scotland and is a supporter of Real Valladolid, Spain.


 2020-09-06  1h39m

episode 11: "To me it is like finding a family, a far away family" - Angelica Carrillo, Mexico - Queen Park Rangers, London

In this episode I speak to Angelica, a University Professor who teaches Film Analysis and Journalism in Mexico. 
Angelica read in an interview Robert Smith of The Cure, talking about being a QPR supporter. Not knowing anything about the club at the time, she asked her father about it. "That's Alan McDonald's team," he said. With that she started to research the club and its history and began to follow them. Never thinking that she could ever watch them...


 2020-08-16  49m

episode 10: Jamie Ralph, Galway, Ireland - Newell's Old Boys

In this episode, I speak to Jamie Ralph who lives in Galway, Ireland, about his journey with Newell's Old Boys


 2020-08-02  1h13m

episode 9: "I felt honoured" - Andrey Kazu, Jakarta, Indonesia - ACF Fiorentina

In this episode we speak to Andrey Kazu from Jakarta, Indonesia and supports ACF Fiorentina in Italy. A fan since 1996, he talks to me about Batistuta, his passion for La Viola and his trip to Florence.


 2020-07-18  35m

episode 8: "It means everything to me" - William Dalton, London – San Lorenzo

William is from London and supports San Lorenzo, Argentina. In this episode we talk about the match day experience in Argentina, the joys of following a niche football club. An interesting story of finding a fellow fan on the streets of London and the generosity of San Lorenzo fans.


 2020-06-28  53m

episode 7: Sivan John, Malaysia - Huddersfield Town

Sivan John is from Malyasia and supports Huddersfield Town in England. He spoke to me about reconnecting with his Uncle who introduced him to football. The influence of the Cowley brothers, the community and fans of Huddersfield town and a jersey that took a long way around to get to him.


 2020-06-10  37m