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We are living in a world of exponential growth, social instabilities and radical innovations. The generations coming up have the urgent responsibility to not just react, but act through digitalization in order to retain this planet earth. Technology changes and digital innovations will help to start the journey efficiently. In order to document which technologies will change the way how we enjoy living and which leadership tactics will be needed, Max and Mike interview different thought leaders on the topics.


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147 - Jonas Rinde: Building a hardware-software company in the audio industry, how to evaluate career opportunities, designing products and career advice for young people

Today, we are introducing Jonas Rinde. He is the co-founder and CEO of Nomono, a cloud-based audio collaboration, and processing company built specifically for podcasters, broadcast journalists, audio storytellers, and many more. Audio workflow of the future.

He has a long history of working in different industries and started working in the automobile industry due to his interest. Later, he led the R&D department at Tandberg, which was sold for 3...


 2022-12-18  52m

146 - Macro Situation for Startups and Founders, Useful Resources to read about it and Availability Cascades

Everyone's talking about it.

The economy has not been looking good.

Max and Mike discuss the current macro situation and what it means for startups, employees, and society as a whole.



Andreesen Horowitz:


Y Combinator:





 2022-06-09  43m

145 - Stephan Heller: A crazy 15-year startup journey incl. IPO and Scaling at Groupon, Building Watchmaster.com, Angel Investing and building a fund of fund company now

"There was so much pain that just went into this and so much blood, sweat, and tears, personal commitment, you know, working really for three, four years, not sleeping, not having a personal life in that sense. And suddenly this whole thing, that's to fall apart."

It didn't take long for founder and entrepreneur Stephan Heller to move on and start something new after selling his previous company...


 2022-05-26  50m

144 - Pascal Bieri, Founder of Planted: Building a Food-Tech company through plant-based protein with over 150 people across Europe

As the population grows exponentially and the demand for meat grows, producing meat has become increasingly unsustainable.

Hungry to change that, Planted Foods has been revolutionizing the food chain. Pascal Bieri, one of its founders, joins us today and inspires us to rethink what we eat as he shares with us the whys and hows of producing meat from alternative proteins.

Be part of the food revolution:



 2022-05-10  35m

143 - Saket Kumar, Founder of Vitt: Future of SaaS Financing, VC, Writing a novel

Is getting a novel published comparable to getting a startup funded?

Saket Kumar answers this question in this week’s episode. He freely takes us on an unexpected journey, from creating a novel to founding his current company. We also find out why he went from being a venture capitalist to becoming a founder and why he intends to stay for the long haul.

Saket is the co-founder and CEO of Vitt, a company that provides fast and non-diluted funding for growing SaaS businesses...


 2022-04-17  52m

142 - Favorite Gadgets and Managing Focus and Energy

“I can now focus on things that I'm more uniquely suited to and that I'm just way better at that bring me more joy.”

That is one thing that effective energy management can do for you. This week, Max and Mike talk about energy management. They talk about what they do, including how they structure their day to be the most productive. In this episode, they also let us take a peek at some of their favorite gadgets!

Read about Narratives, Commitments, and Tasks (NCTs): https://www...


 2022-04-09  36m

141 - Morning Routines, Yearly Goal Settting, Differences NYC and San Francisco

Unfortunately one of our guests needed to cancel last minute, we decided to record a duo episode with Mike and Max about things we're passionate about!

We share thoughts on our morning routines, yearly goal setting, differences between NYC and San Francisco and many more things! 

Follow us on Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, and wherever you would like to :) 


 2022-03-08  38m

140 - Jay Rosenkrantz: One of world's-leading online poker player to now building a Web3 playground for writers, artists an collectors

Jay Rosenkrantz is using the Web3 world to build a playground for writers, artists,s and collectors. With his company Heroic Story, Jay and his brother are creating a new game, where players build stories and fantasy worlds together.

Before, Jay was one of the leading online poker players in the world, coached poker player all over the world, created the most popular comedy series about poker which was featured on ESPN, and built the largest online poker training platform...


 2022-02-23  48m

139 - Vaitea Cowan, Co-Founder at Enapter, about their way of making green hydrogen accessible and affordable for everyone

Our guest today tries to prevent the climate crisis using the power of Green Hydrogen. Vaitea is a co-founder of Enapter, an award-winning company that is productizing the usage of hydrogen. 

Enapter is hiring. If you want to help save the world and work with amazing people like Vaitea, apply here: https://www.enapter.com/careers

Other things that were mentioned during the call:

- The Earth Shot Prize: https://earthshotprize...


 2022-02-02  50m

138 - Albert Gajsak: Building an AI-powered Batmobile Hardware Product with Warner Bros, Educating Kids about Technology through Electronic Devices, Covid impact on Supply Chains

We have Albert Gajsak as a guest on the podcast today. Albert is a young founder who combines hardware and software with a team of 20 to develop electronic devices. Essentially with the purpose of teaching kids more about technology.

Since its launch in 2017, Circuitmess has sold over 50,000 products to over 30000 customers - all over the world. Currently, they are working with Warner Bros on a special launch of a Batmobile toy, called CircuitMess Batmobile™...


 2022-01-15  44m