Feeling My Flo

Feeling My Flo is a reported podcast where menstruation is an event that happens to all types of bodies.


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episode 21: Celebrating the Moon Within

We speak with Aida Salazar, author of The Moon Within — a middle grade novel about a girl celebrating her first period with a moon ceremony.


 2021-05-12  12m

episode 22: A Catch-All Solution to a Menstrual Problem

When Jane Hartman Adamé started to have trouble with her menstrual cup, she didn’t want to go back to tampons and pads. So she recruited a friend and together, they designed a new cup, which is used by scores of menstruators today.


 2021-05-12  12m

episode 20: One Small Step for Menstruators, One Giant Leap for Humankind

Sally Ride was the first American woman to go into space. Before launch, NASA scientists asked if she needed 100 tampons for a one-week trip. Since, other menstruators have ventured into the outer reaches of our atmosphere.


 2020-09-13  11m

episode 19: Cartooning Away Period Shame

Aditi grew up feeling that having a period was shameful. So she and her creative partner, Tuhin, created a comic book to make it easier to talk about it.


 2020-09-06  10m

episode 18: What's a Cyst, Anyway?

Stephanie has been dealing with ovarian cysts since the early years of her period. She opens up about it and about how having a mom who advocates for you and your body changes everything. We also get a doctor’s insight on the common condition.


 2020-08-30  12m

episode 17: Playing Big-Time Sports on Their Period

For a long time, periods were used as excuses to keep menstruators from competing. But top athletes challenged that stigma — and broke world records while menstruating.


 2020-08-23  11m

episode 16: When Your Period Stops

When she was 19, Annie lost her period. She tells us what that was like — and we also talk to a doctor about why that sometimes happens. Note: this episode discusses eating disorders, so you might want to listen with an adult.


 2020-08-16  12m

episode 15: Attack of the Tampons!

When Andy and Sophie met at a coding camp, they decided to make a video game together. Their final project? Tampon Run — a video game where you shoot tampons at your enemies.


 2020-08-09  11m

episode 14: His Sympathy Cramps

As a trans man, PJ started taking hormones in college, and his period stopped. But once he met Zoë, the two started experiencing premenstrual syndrome (PMS) together. We hear about their discomfort, acceptance, and love. We also talk to a doctor who unpacks PMS for us.


 2020-08-02  10m

episode 13: So You Don’t Get Periods. Why Should You Care About Them?

We talk to people who don’t menstruate but who understand why it matters to them. If you have anyone who menstruates in your life, this episode’s for you.


 2020-07-26  13m