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We exist to love all people to Christ and equip them on their journey with God and one another. We believe Jesus Christ is the hope of the world and the church is His plan for sharing that hope with the world. Every week, from the First Baptist Owasso, we explore the Word of God to strengthen our faith, draw near to Him, and deepen our love for one another.

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episode 6: Right Amount

Chris Wall • John 6:1-14 God is more than able and provides physically and spiritually. According to His purpose and will, Gods blessings often exceed our expectations and needs, revealing His overflowing grace. This miraculous meal serves as a powerful reminder to give thanks for Gods provision in our lives, knowing that He is able to provide more than we could ever imagine, both physically and spiritually. Gratitude. When was the last time you genuinely thanked the Lord?



episode 5: Right Plan

Chris Wall • John 19:25-27 We witness a poignant scene at the foot of the cross where Jesus is being crucified. Standing near the cross were Jesus; mother, Mary, and her sister, Mary the wife of Clopas, along with Mary Magdalene. In His final moments, Jesus looks down at His mother and, filled with compassion, entrusts her care to John. On the cross, we know of seven statements Jesus made which were all critically important...



episode 4: Right Source

Chris Wall • John 5:1-18 God is powerfully working…RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW, giving us the RIGHT HOPE, because He is the RIGHT SOURCE, with the RIGHT PLAN providing the RIGHT AMOUNT shifting us to the RIGHT FOCUS while helping us to live the RIGHT kind of LIFE.



episode 3: Right Hope

Chris Wall • John 4:46-54 God is powerfully working…RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW, giving us the RIGHT HOPE, because He is the RIGHT SOURCE, with the RIGHT PLAN providing the RIGHT AMOUNT shifting us to the RIGHT FOCUS while helping us to live the RIGHT kind of LIFE. God has called us to trust Him and take His word seriously. When He speaks, do we immediately believe or do we doubt Him? This leader exhibits the kind of faith that we must strive to build even in the most extreme circumstances...



episode 2: Right Now | All of Life. All for Jesus

Chald Balthrop • John 4:21:39 What are you looking for? There’s a simple truth that’s easy to forget. Generally, people find what they’re looking for. Where you expect to find kindness, kindness is often found. Where you look for disappointment, disappointment is easy to see. When you don’t like what you see, look a little deeper. Shift your focus...



episode 1: Right Here

Chris Wall • John 4:1-6 The woman at the well is a fascinating reminder for us to see the world like Jesus. The disciples are busy making preparation for ministry all the while missing the real ministry right in front of them. Jesus engages this woman who was broken, lost, but still deeply loved by God. In this passage, you see the urgency of Christ to bring salvation to the entire world. We are called to notice the harvest right in front of us. Jesus came bringing salvation to the world...


 April 15, 2024  48m

episode 1: The Model of a Healthy Church

Guest Speaker • Bryant Wright


 April 8, 2024  44m

episode 4: Resurrection for the World

Chris Wall • John 20:11-16 The resurrection of Jesus changes everything. It is revolutionary. It transforms our perspective and defines our mission. It brings a radical shift in the life of every person who comes to faith in the power of this good news. What is your mission? How has the empty tomb influenced you?


 April 1, 2024  28m

episode 3: Redemption for the World

Chris Wall • John 19:16-37 In this passage, John highlights four direct messianic prophecies that took place on thecross completely outside of the prophets control. Christ completed the work ofredemption on the cross. In verse 30, Jesus says, “It is finished” or “It has beenaccomplished”. On the cross, the penalty of sin has been completely served. The priceof redemption is completely paid. The justice of God is completely satisfied. Thedeliverance of sinners is completely secured...


 March 25, 2024  44m

episode 2: Judged for the World

Chris Wall • John 18-28:40 The suffering Jesus reveals several important truths we must not miss. It reveals the wickedness of our sin. It speaks to our inability to stand rightly before God in our own power. The mistreatment of Jesus reveals the graciousness of God as He was willing to take on Himself the punishment we deserve. In this passage, you also see an important human tendency shared by all people: this natural tendency to reject God and His plan for us...


 March 18, 2024  41m