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We exist to love all people to Christ and equip them on their journey with God and one another. We believe Jesus Christ is the hope of the world and the church is His plan for sharing that hope with the world. Every week, from the First Baptist Owasso, we explore the Word of God to strengthen our faith, draw near to Him, and deepen our love for one another.

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episode 7: The Story We Tell

Chad Balthrop • Romans 8:1-39 The stories we tell matter. Some people only focus on the positive parts of their story. They see the world through rose-colored glasses and think they do not need God. Other people only see the broken parts of our world. "If God exists," they think, "He must not care...



episode 6: Facing the Future

Chris Wall • 1 Kings 2:1-12 So much of the Biblical camera is on the life of David. We even have a record of his dying words to his son Solomon. In this incredible message to Solomon, God's word imparts incredible wisdom for us as we face the future.



episode 5: Go

Chris Wall • Matthew 28:16-22 The Resurrection of Christ is without a doubt the focal point of human history. That moment in time changed everything. In that moment, God defeated sin and death. And, he also proved to be Lord of All. Jesus had completely captivated the attention of the Disciples and now they were ready to hear His Great Commission. It was time for the entire world to hear the Good News of Jesus. The Savior had come and His plan was to pass on the news one life at a time...



episode 4: Forgivable Mistakes

Chris Wall • Psalms 51:1-19 Acts 13:22 says...22 After removing Saul, he made David their king. God testified concerning him: ‘I have found David son of Jesse, a man after my own heart; he will do everything I want him to do.’ This passage seems like a mistake because the Biblical camera reveals so many of David's mistakes. However, it is through the responses to his mistakes that reveals the heart God desires for every believer...



episode 3: God's Perspective of You

Misael Gonzalez • Psalm 139 When you look in the mirror or search the depths of your heart, what do you find? You might love it. You might hate it. but here is the truth. We tend to view ourselves through other people’s eyes. How would your perspective change if you saw yourself through Gods eyes? This Psalm gives Gods’ perspective of you.



episode 2: In The Waiting

Chad Balthrop • 1 Samuel 24:1-7 We've all experienced them. Some moments set the direction and course of our lives forever. Sometimes we recognize them as they come. But most frequently, we only see them clearly long after the decisions are made. When bad things happen to us; when good things are showered on us; in the heat of the moment, we make our choices from the character of who we are. While God works out His promises, we work in His character. Our lives are the waiting.


 2023-04-24  43m

episode 1: Trust in the Lord

Chris Wall • Psalms 9:1-10 We live in a sin-impacted world and the repercussions are causing tensions to rise. Cold wars are beginning to heat up. Climate questions are building. Economic pressures are multiplying. Power appears to be shifting. And, conflicts both internally and externally are increasing. As a follower of Christ, it is easy to get discouraged and deflated by all we see...


 2023-04-17  49m


Chris Wall • Acts 1:1-11 It is Easter Sunday - The day that people all over the world celebrate the fact that Christ has indeed risen from the grave. Jesus Christ is Risen, He is risen indeed.


 2023-04-10  40m

Promised Savior

Chris Wall • John 21:1-14 There were 153 fish!!! Jesus calls us to follow him. In your journey through life, you and I can either chart our own course or run the race God has marked out for us. Jesus is the promised Savior who calls us out of a death path and to eternal life. Will you follow Jesus or go your own way? Don't miss the adventure the Gospel brings to your life. There were 153 fish and Jesus saw every one of them.


 2023-04-03  43m

episode 2: Bring Me Your Doubts

Chad Balthrop • John 20:19-28 Everyone experiences doubts. What if I told you that your doubts don't bother or intimidate God? Institutions may fail. People may disappoint. Depression may distract. But Jesus brings peace. He gives purpose. He answers every question with irrepressible proof. Bring your doubts to the cross and find faith that leads to life.


 2023-03-28  48m