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Welcome to the Ultimate Fly Fishing Podcast, where we empower anglers of all skill levels—from absolute beginners to seasoned experts—to reel in the catch of a lifetime, no matter the water, species, or season. Tune in for expert interviews, actionable tips, and game-changing advice designed to elevate your fishing game in any situation. Whether you're knee-deep in a trout stream or casting into the ocean surf, we've got the insights to help you catch more fish, anytime, anywhere. Subscribe now to become the angler you've always wanted to be!

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episode 1: Tips When You Are Learning How To Modern Nymph

FFIP - Insider Tips - Episode 1 - Tips When You Are Learning How To Modern Nymph - Fly Fishing Insider - FFIP Tune in for a short description of several tips to help your beginner learning curve regarding modern nymphing techniques for fly fishing.


 2022-01-13  10m

episode 1: Practice Tips to Get Your Cast Ready for Your Next Big Trip - Fly Fishing Insider Podcast - FFIP

Are you planning a fly fishing trip? If so, then I hope you are practicing your casting to make the most of it. In this episode, I provide 10 tips that will improve your ability to make good, strong, and accurate casts on your next fly fishing trip.


 2022-01-27  12m

episode 1: Trip Report - Xcalak, Mexico - Fly Fishing Insider Podcast - FFIP

FFIP - Trip Reports - Xcalak, Mexico - Fly Fishing Insider Podcast - FFIP We learn so much from each trip we go on, and in this series of Trip Reports, I'll share my learnings with you; how I got there, what to do, what I learned, and any other tips and tricks I can. Leave a review and let me know how I'm doing.


 2022-02-25  20m

episode 2: Observation Tactics and Tips for Fly Fishing

Observation can be the first step to success in your fly fishing outing. I talk about the four stages of observation: at home, in the parking lot, walking in, and at the water.


 2022-01-20  7m

episode 4: Simple Ways to Go About River Cleanup - Fly Fishing Insider Podcast - FFIP

Keeping our waterways clean does a lot for us in fly fishing and can often help with landowners. I like doing my part, and here are a few ways to get involved.


 2022-02-04  5m

episode 5: Netting Tips so You Don't Lose the Big One - Fly Fishing Insider Podcast - FFIP

"Net the fish, net it! No! We almost had it." Have you heard or said that before? Here are a few ways to improve your landing skills. Hopefully, these help you put more fish in the net and a few more celebratory high fives this season!


 2022-02-10  6m

episode 6: Start Thinking About Fishing at Night

Night fishing changes everything, and there are a bunch of tips that can help your odds. I'll walk through what I've picked up over the years.


 2022-02-18  11m

episode 7: Maintenance that Protects Your Investment - Fly Fishing Insider Podcast - FFIP

We regularly spend our hard-earned money on gear investments, but most of us don't do the little things to keep them in good maintenance. Here are a few ways to protect those gear investments.


 2022-02-24  18m

episode 8: Simple Gear that Makes the Parking Lot More Enjoyable - Fly Fishing Insider Podcast - FFIP

Relaxation time is limited for most folks, so I like to take full advantage of it when I have it. Take these simple gear tips, make the best of your experience at the parking lot and enjoy the time. After all, time is something we never get back.


 2022-03-04  13m

episode 9: Keep your hands warm when Winter Fishing

Winter fishing can be some of the best fishing of the year. Fewer crowds, great fish, and prolific hatches can be commonplace. A caveat is the weather, and here are a few ways to keep those hands warm so you can enjoy those, as mentioned earlier.


 2022-03-11  9m