Forever Sound Version

Forever Sound Version is a video game music podcast from out of Newcastle upon Tyne that explores classic tracks and deep cuts from the 8-bit home computers and consoles onwards!

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Episode 67 – Mega Drive Mayhem

To many, the FM synth-driven sound of the Sega Mega Drive simply is the sound of video games, as its run of success in the early 1990s delivered countless brilliant original titles in addition to some very convincing arcade ports. In this episode, I share some of my favourite tunes from this beautiful little slab … Continue reading "Episode 67 – Mega Drive Mayhem"


 2020-02-19  n/a

Episode 66 – Best of 2019

In a first for Forever Sound Version, John and I get into what we consider to be the best game soundtracks of the year! 2019 has yielded lots of very interesting titles, which in turn have given us some very interesting tunes. Thanks a lot for supporting the podcast this year; enjoy the holidays and … Continue reading "Episode 66 – Best of 2019"


 2019-12-19  n/a

Episode 65 – Kart Racing

Coming at you faster than a blue shell on the final lap of Koopa Troopa Beach, Forever Sound Version is back with a focus on music from kart racing titles! This hugely popular subgenre of racing games was introduced – and some would say perfected – by Nintendo’s Mario Kart series, but which other characters … Continue reading "Episode 65 – Kart Racing"


 2019-11-22  n/a

Episode 64 – Game Boy Advance Showcase

Forever Sound Version returns with a focus on one of Nintendo’s massive success stories – the Game Boy Advance. This system’s sound quality may leave a lot to be desired at times, but there is still a great abundance of interesting and exciting music to be heard throughout its software library, so lock in and enjoy these seven cuts from games like Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, Mario Kart: Super Circuit, and Astro Boy: Omega Factor!


 2019-08-30  n/a

Episode 63 – VGM Battle! 5

The four horsemen are back. Michael, Ross, Joe, and John (who brought the trophy along with him – eventually…) fill a fridge with beers and then empty it gradually on a Saturday afternoon while engaging in musical combat. It’s the fifth Forever Sound Version VGM Battle! Who will be the champ this time? Listen:  … Continue reading "Episode 63 – VGM Battle! 5"


 2019-03-13  n/a

Episode 62 – Time for Tea with Rhythm and Pixels

Put the kettle on, because Rhythm and Pixels are coming over and they want some tea! I’m joined by Rob and Pernell to talk about all things tea while listening to some great video game music picks from titles like Zero4 Champ, Star Ocean: Till the End of Time and Suikoden. If you haven’t heard … Continue reading "Episode 62 – Time for Tea with Rhythm and Pixels"


 2019-03-04  n/a

Episode 61 – Sounds of the Strikes

In the 1990s, the Strike series was like the video games equivalent of a hit action movie franchise, with bad guys seeking world domination, daring missions, and loads of big explosions. I loved these games when I was a kid (and possibly too young to be playing them!) so here is a playlist made up … Continue reading "Episode 61 – Sounds of the Strikes"


 2019-02-04  n/a

Episode 60 – An AY Odyssey

It may not have been the most sophisticated of sound chips, but in the right hands, the AY was capable of producing some fantastic 8-bit game music. Join me as I explore some classic tunes – as well as some oddities – from games released on systems as diverse as the ZX Spectrum 128K, MSX2, … Continue reading "Episode 60 – An AY Odyssey"


 2019-01-17  n/a

Episode 59 – Banger Racing Bangers: Destruction Derby

Conventional racing games are fun, but deep down, we all have that urge, that appetite for destruction… why race cars when you can smash them up?! In 1995, Studio 33, Reflections, and Psygnosis came out with Destruction Derby, one of the most visceral and chaotic gaming experiences of console gaming’s fifth generation, kicking off a … Continue reading "Episode 59 – Banger Racing Bangers: Destruction Derby"


 2018-12-19  n/a

Episode 58 – Only in Japan: Super Famicom Exclusives

This is the first episode of Forever Sound Version since I returned from my trip to Japan, where I bought my very own Super Famicom. So… here’s an episode dedicated to Japan-only Super Famicom games! There will be RPGs! There will be mechs! Lock in and enjoy some rare tunes from games like Bastard!!: Ankoku … Continue reading "Episode 58 – Only in Japan: Super Famicom Exclusives"


 2018-12-05  n/a