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How Technology is Changing Education (with Andy Matuschak)

Andy Matuschak joins the show to discuss how different learning models will help students in different ways.



Are Monopolies a Problem? (with Peter Van Doren)

Fan favorite, Peter Van Doren, comes back to the show to discuss how the concept of a monopoly has changed throughout history.



Open Societies & Human Progress (with Johan Norberg)

Johan Norberg joins the show to talk about the the importance of humanity's embrace of openness.



(Re-Release): The Story of Money in the United States

George Selgin tells the story of how the American government became so deeply ingrained in the production and supply of our money, and why.



(Re-Release): Equality of Capabilities, or Equality of Outcomes?

Elizabeth Anderson joins us this week to talk about egalitarianism. Should we be concerned about an equal distribution of resources in a society?


 2020-12-25  1h2m

Fixing Supreme Court Nominations (with Ilya Shapiro)

Ilya Shapiro joins the show to take us through the history of Supreme Court nominations.


 2020-12-18  53m

America's Revolutionary Mind (with C. Bradley Thompson)

C. Bradley Thompson joins the show to discuss the moral history of the American Revolution.


 2020-12-11  1h0m

The Comedy of Politics (with Andrew Heaton)

Andrew Heaton joins the show to talk about how the world of comedy tackles politics.


 2020-12-04  53m

The Property Species (with Bart Wilson)

Bart J. Wilson joins the show to talk about how the concept of property is unique to humans.


 2020-11-27  46m

The Conservative Liberalism of Burke, Smith, and Hume (with Dan Klein)

Daniel Klein joins the show to discuss political order in the age of Burke, Hume, and Smith.


 2020-11-20  50m