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What is Liberalism (with Helena Rosenblatt & Daniel Klein)

Helena Rosenblatt and Daniel Klein debate the origin of liberalism. 



Being Nice and Self-Reliant: A New England Libertarianism (with Dan Moller)

Dan Moller joins the show to discuss how libertarian philosophy includes more substance than a devotion to individual liberty.



The Ascent of Jacob Bronowski (with Timothy Sandefur)

Timothy Sandefur returns to the show to talk about his new book, The Ascent of Jacob Bronowski: The Life and Ideas of a Popular Science Icon. 



Talking Across Political Divides

Arnold Kling is welcomed back to the show to talk about the new edition of his book, The Three Languages of Politics, and how it is even more relevant in the Trump era. 



Why is Populism So Popular?

Tom Palmer comes back to the show to address the rise of authoritarian populism and what it means for the state of politics in the U.S. 


 2019-09-12  47m

How the World's Poorest are Educating Themselves (with James Tooley)

James Tooley joins the show today to discuss how low-cost private education is viable in the poorest communities in the world. 


 2019-09-06  54m

What's Wrong with National Conservatism?

The underlying ideas articulated by National Conservatism are of value to libertarians to understand because they present a way of seeing the world that is a stark difference from the way we see it.


 2019-08-30  46m

Young Radicals in the Age of Trump (with Robby Soave)

Robby Soave joins us to discuss his new book, Panic Attack: Young Radicals in the Age of Trump. 


 2019-08-23  45m

Social Media's Moral Panic (with Milton Mueller)

Milton Mueller joins us to discuss how social media is not a medical addiction that requires government intervention.


 2019-08-16  49m

Remaining Grateful with Steve Horwitz

Steve Horwitz, a fan favorite, returns to the show to discuss how we should all be grateful for how much better the world has gotten in the last 1000 years. 


 2019-08-09  51m