Future Jam

THE FUTURE JAM! a Podcast designed to ignite curiosity about where humanity is headed— tomorrow, ten years from now, or as far as the mind can wander.


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Thanksgiving Jam

It's a Thanksgiving day bonanza! Parades, shopping, and food. We will be back next week with more of the Jam you love.



Starlink- A New Satellite Jam

Is Satellite internet outdated? Starlink is competing with similar projects to bring internet access to the 3.7 billion people without. This new wave of satellite internet products will rapidly help to modernize our planet. Earlier in the episode we...



Esports: The League of Jam

Esports has quietly gained a massive fandom. What's its appeal & how will it contend with traditional sports? Before that, hear how Panasonic has a new way to retrieve lost AirPods, "Hell Planet", soil that self waters, and Netflix has a cable channel.



Flying Taxis: Avoid the Jam

EVTOL vehicles are set to revolutionize the mobility industry. Find out what a working flying taxi infrastructure may look like, how it is an upgrade over existing helicopters, and why it might be the best intercity travel method. But before all of...



Microchips in Our Jam

Microchip implants are gaining traction as a business tool and some people are even implanting them in order to make their life simpler. What are the pros and cons and will you be forced into being microchipped at your job? We cover all this and more...



Movie Theaters in a Jam

The movie theaters we all love are being forced into hibernation by outside forces beyond their control. We discuss their recovery options and how they can once again fill their seats back up with crowds.


 2020-10-22  46m

AI Music Revolution

We Discuss: Music created by AI gives more autonomy to content creators but also threatens the lively hood of musicians.  Disney+ arrived to much fanfare but does it break new ground for a streaming video services? Are folding phones are the...


 2019-11-22  35m

The Store for Millennials

Jared proposes a new concept store that only Millennials would appreciate and Mike imagines what life would be like with a better battery technology.


 2019-11-17  37m

Changing the Game

Game streaming will change how we play and it is happening right under our noses. Google has announced their new service which is poised to make game streaming mainstream.  Google's game streaming announcement. The Future Jam is back from hiatus...


 2019-03-27  10m

Blockchain Technology

Why is Blockchain technology considered the internet 2.0?  Future Jam breaks it down with Jared from Digital Gold.   IBM's use case scenarios for the blockchain. Jared's YouTube Channel Buy a Rig Through Digital Gold and Have it Hosted...


 2018-05-10  49m