Family 1st! but after that, Businessman. Just a dude that Loves the Hustle, People & the @NYJets. CEO of @vaynermedia. Tasted wine for years at @winelibrary



      A Keynote: AREAA

      Even though this keynote is a little more niche than I typically go, I loved diving into the Q&A's here. We chat about crypocurrencies, the blockchain, real estate and a ton more. One point that I like to emphasize here is that a lot of you have never experienced the market when it was running low - once you experience that, you'll understand the tough points of being an entrepreneur. Hope you love this one, we get down and dirty in it. Enjoy ;)



      5 Tips For Hacking Productivity & Efficiency

      Whether it's 5 minute meetings, leveraging time on the go with phone calls or over text or simply taking the short time to make meetings while walking or traveling somewhere, I'm all about hacking news ways to get as much done as possible in as little amount of time. You see it every day- I'm taking 5 minute meetings that others would take 30, by just making decisions and realizing where the fat can be cut. Hope you get some massive value out of this <3



      #AskGaryVee 271 | Tim Ferriss

      LOVED having author, businessman and my good friend Tim Ferriss on the show to chat about his new book, scaling personal brand and business, and whether or not you should REALLY be an entrepreneur. This was an all-time show, and I was thrilled to be able to answer some fire call-in's with Tim. We dove into them, answering questions about when to scale a small business, how hip hop has influenced us, and how to think about becoming an entrepreneur from the bottom up, especially as an...



      A Meeting With Mets Draft Pick Justin Dunn

      It was great jumping in and chopping it up with New York Mets draft pick Justin Dunn and his family, really diving deep into how you should be thinking when you have leverage on different situations. Once there's an opportunity in front of you, you need to grab it and make the absolute most of it. Hope you guys love the message I'm putting out with this one. Enjoy <3



      An Interview on Personal Brand, Traditional Print & Knowing When to Give & Take

      This Q&A interview I did in Singapore touched on a lot of great points, jumping out of the gate with exactly how I define the word I use so often "hustle". We then talk about personal branding & how to know when to give and take on skillset, eventually diving into e-sports and chatting about traditional print ads, written papers and more. This was a GREAT chat - hope you enjoy <3 



      A Keynote and Q&A at COMPLEXCON STUDIO

      This completely FIRE keynote that went along with my sneaker pre launch at ComplexCon covers so many topics and crushes it so hard. The Q&A portion of this keynote was where the real meat is, where I dove into my thoughts and predictions for the future of bitcoin and the blockchain, answering a young influencer's questions about subscriber count and partnerships, and talked to an fan about when, how and why to start monetizing your content. So much fire content in here, I hope you all...



      A FIRE Q&A In Singapore on Meditation, Education and Feeling Out A Career

      This was an absolute fire Q&A that I did on my fast-paced trip to Singapore a few weeks ago, sitting down with some entrepreneurs to go over an and all questions they had. We started right up with whether or not I've ever felt lost in my career path (this is a great one), to what my view on meditation is for entrepreneurs & why patience is so pertinent, and then went into how education should be though of in today's society. Hope you all love this one !!



      5 Examples Why You Should Work For Free

      If you've listened to my content, you know that I'm a massive supporter of paying your dues to get ahead in the long run - as most of my team has and work for free or little money. Especially when you're young or straight out of college and can afford to. One of the best ways to dive into what you want to do, whether it's building your portfolio or providing value to strive to work with someone that you want to is to show firsthand what you can do, and that you're motivated to work, and...



      A Saturday Rant: 5 Minutes To Do

      Test, learn, produce, document, just fucking DO! This is one of my favorite rants, because it puts every single thing that I talk about into one single message. There's no bullshit stopping you from taking that step into doing what you want to do. It just takes the effort. <3



      The Future Of Voice: A Keynote and Q&A

      They keynote in Seattle exemplifies exactly why I'm so forward towards the world of audio and the direction that it's headed in. I loved answering questions for this Techstars group, and diving into the nitty gritty behind Alexa, voice, future AI, and podcasting - everything future of audio related. Really hope that you guys like this talk - as many of you know, I really do think that voice (Amazon Alexa/Echo, Google Home, etc.) is going to be huge because of how much time it saves in...