Gilbert House Fellowship

Authors and analysts Derek and Sharon Gilbert host a weekly Bible study, going verse by verse through the scriptures in chronological order. Each study is about an hour in length and posted Sundays by Noon Central Time.

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Gilbert House Fellowship #239: Genesis 11:1-9

THE TOWER of Babel was not at Babylon. It was at a place that was at least as important in the spiritual sense: Eridu.


 2019-09-08  1h13m

Gilbert House Fellowship #238: Genesis 10

THE NATIONS of the world have their origins in decisions made in the years immediately following the Flood. This week, we discuss the table of nations and briefly summarize the migrations of the descendants of Shem, Japheth, and Ham.


 2019-09-01  1h10m

Gilbert House Fellowship #237: Genesis 8-9

THE SONS of Noah divided the world between them. It appears that the youngest, Ham, made a power play to usurp the birthright of the eldest — by having incestuous relations with his mother.


 2019-08-25  1h18m

Gilbert House Fellowship #236: Genesis 6-7

THE STORY of a global flood is common to many cultures all over the world. Today, we read the real story behind the flood of Noah.


 2019-08-11  1h5m

Gilbert House Fellowship #235: Genesis 6:1-3

AT SOME point in our distant past, angels descended to the summit of Mount Hermon and made a pact to corrupt the earth through interbreeding and sharing knowledge that humanity was not meant to know.


 2019-07-28  43m

Gilbert House Fellowship #234: Genesis 4:16-5:32

PRIDE AND a drift away from the Creator is evident in today’s study, which features the generations of patriarchs between Adam and Noah.


 2019-07-14  1h7m

Gilbert House Fellowship #233: Genesis 3:8-4:16

FAMILY RELATIONSHIPS have been messed up for millennia because of what happened in Eden.


 2019-07-07  1h15m

Gilbert House Fellowship #232: Genesis 2:10-3:7

THE TREE in the middle of the garden proved to be a test and a trap—not just for Adam and Eve, but for the serpent as well.


 2019-06-30  1h11m

Gilbert House Fellowship #231: Genesis 1:20-2:9

GARDENS WERE not just for growing vegetables in the ancient world. This week, we discuss the significance of gardens in the ancient world, the identity of the “we” and “us” whose image we bear, and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.


 2019-06-23  1h7m

Gilbert House Fellowship #230: Genesis 1:1-19

BACK TO the beginning! Today, we begin our study of the Old Testament for the second time, nearly five years after our very first dive into Genesis 1.


 2019-06-16  1h16m