God Awful Movies

Eli Bosnick, Heath Enwright, and Noah Lugeons team up for a weekly attempt to prove that if god existed, his PR couldn't possibly be this bad.


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episode 187: Gam187 Reefer Madness

Live from Denver, Colorado, the guys team up for a review of "Reefer Madness", the 1938 cult classic about weed causing you to drive really fast and murder people. --- If you’d like to make a per episode donation, please check us out on Patreon: htt...



episode 186: Death of a Nation

On this week's episode, Mike from The Projection Booth podcast joins us to break down Dinesh D'Souza's "Death of a Nation"; the story of an appreciative pardon recipient trying desperately to put the "not" in "Nazi". Check out The Projection Booth p...



episode 185: The R.I.O.T.

This week, the guys team up for an atheist review of "The R.I.O.T."  Also known as "Wrist Control: The Musical." Come see us in Denver! https://theorientaltheater.com/event/332075/God-Awful-Movies-LIVE-in-Denver If you’d like to make a per episode do...



episode 184: Run the Race

This week, the guys team up for an atheist review of "Run the Race", the story of two young brothers fighting over who has to be the protagonist. It's a conflict we all lose. --- Come see us in Denver! https://theorientaltheater.com/event/332075/God...



episode 183: The Missing Christians

This week, guest masochist Matt Donnelly joins us for an atheist review of "The Missing Christians", the story of a story of a dream of a story, but with really bad hairdos. --- If you'd like to hear more from Matt; check out his show here: https://h...



episode 182: Gam182 The First Valentine and Love is for the Byrds

This week, we find a guest masochist so masochistic she married Eli; and she joins us for a Valentine's double-feature where we break down "The First Valentine", the story of pedophilia not being as uncomfortable to movie goers in the 60s, and "Love is...


 2019-02-12  1h42m

episode 181: The Laws of Eternity

This week, guest masochist Aaron Rabi joins us for a discussion of "The Laws of Eternity"; the product of a spectacularly weird Japanese cult that seems to be equal parts Buddhism, fevered mushroom trip, and Ultraman. --- Here more from Aaron on ...


 2019-02-05  2h1m

episode 180: Silence

This week, we're joined by guest masochists Mark and Dan from the How to Heretic for an atheist review of "Silence"; a film that proves that even Martin Scorsese can't make a good movie when it has to be Christian. --- If you’d like to make a per e...


 2019-01-29  1h56m

episode 179: GAM179 One More Round

This week, Thomas Smith joins us for an atheist review of "One More Round", which its makers describe as "Basically, the Christian version of Rocky"; in what be the most unwarranted confidence of all time. --- Check out Thomas's cornucopia of shows...


 2019-01-22  1h54m

episode 178: Gam178 Science Falsely So Called

This week, we offer up an atheist review of "Science, Falsely So Called", the movie where an uneducated, gullible, indoctrinated zealot explains how stupid Stephen Hawking is. Literally. And he does so with the help of a convicted felon and a man banne...


 2019-01-15  1h38m