Good Friends Anime Club!

An animanga podcast featuring four friends that focus on both older titles and currently airing/publishing animanga. We also touch on industry news, new releases, and social topics. Each episode we focus on a different theme. Join us bi-weekly for friendly and inclusive conversation about topics that would get us shoved in a locker!

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EP 31 The Magician Who Rose From Tomato Town

The crew is back after another hiatus arc and we'…


 2021-04-24  2h55m

 2021-01-31  2h47m

EP 29: Suppose a Podcast from the Last Page Boonies Ended Up on the Front Page

Hey y'all! We're back again once again for anothe…


 2021-01-16  2h24m

 2020-11-26  1h55m

EP 27 How A Realist Podcaster Rebuilt Their Podcast

Episode 27! Wow hmmmm nope can't think of any sig…


 2020-05-29  3h21m

EP 26 Busy Twink: This Merc Just Wants To Provide For his Wives!

We've got another jam packed episode full of surp…


 2020-04-25  3h35m

EP 25 Keep Your Hands Off the Good Friends!

We did it we hit (arbitrary numeric milestone) an…


 2020-04-05  2h45m

EP 24 Pokemon Trainer Reborn in Another World as a Max Level Shiny Breeder

24...ah you remember that was like on F…


 2020-03-02  2h37m

 2020-01-24  1h43m

EP 22 Angry Hole Story: I Told You to Turn Me Into a Badass Sorceror, Not Gyoza!

The last episode of the year! This episode was A …


 2019-12-19  3h7m