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Traffic Director and Microservices with Stewart Reichling and John Laham

Oh the podcast this week, Mark Mirchandani and Brian Dorsey talk with fellow Googlers John Laham and Stewart Reichling about Traffic Director, a managed control plane for service mesh.



Lucidworks with Radu Miclaus

Mark Mirchandani is joined again by Priyanka Vergadia this week for an ML-filled interview with Radu Miclaus of Lucidworks.



Fastly with Tyler McMullen

Tyler McMullen of Fastly is with us today, telling our hosts Mark Mirchandani and Brian Dorsey all about the company, CDNs, and more.



Pandium with Cristina Flaschen and Kelly Sarabyn

This week is all about business-to-business marketplace software with Pandium as Mark Mirchandani and Max Saltonstall talk with our guests Cristina Flaschen and Kelly Sarabyn.



Documentation in Developer Practices with Riona Macnamara

Mark Mirchandani and Priyanka Vergadia are here this week to talk about some cool things that are going on. Then, Mark brings us an interesting interview all about documentation in development with Technical Writing Manager Riona Macnamara.


 2020-07-08  39m

Cloud Audit Logging with Philip O'Toole and Oscar Guerrero

This week, Mark Mirchandani and Priyanka Vergadia learn all about Cloud Audit Logging with fellow Googlers, Philip O'Toole and Oscar Guerrero.


 2020-07-01  39m

Solutions Engineering with Grace Mollison and Ann Wallace

Mark Mirchandani and Priyanka Vergadia host this week's episode of the podcast, with a thorough discussion of Solutions Engineering at Google.


 2020-06-24  35m

Voice Coding with Emily Shea and Ryan Hileman

Mark Mirchandani is back this week as he and co-host Brian Dorsey learn all about voice coding with some great guests!


 2020-06-17  49m

Security Operations with Elliott Abraham and Jason Bisson

We're discussing security operations on the podcast this week with your hosts Priyanka Vergadia and Mark Mirchandani.


 2020-05-27  34m

BeyondCorp with Robert Sadowski

On this episode of the podcast, our old pal Mark Mirchandani is joined by special guest host Max Saltonstall to talk trust and security products with fellow Googler Rob Sadowski.


 2020-05-20  45m