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Five-time winner of Best Education Podcast in the Podcast Awards. Grammar Girl provides short, friendly tips to improve your writing and feed your love of the English language. Whether English is your first language or your second language, these grammar, punctuation, style, and business tips will make you a better and more successful writer. Grammar Girl is a Quick and Dirty Tips podcast.

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episode 772: 772 - The History of ZIP Codes and Addresses (Plus How to Write Them)

If you've ever wondered how to capitalize 'ZIP Code' (or is that 'ZIP code' or 'zip code'?), this one is for you. Plus, I have an interview with Deirdre Mask about this history and importance of addresses in general. It's fascinating!



episode 771: 771 - Writing Lessons from Bad Job Applications

Our guest, Lindsay McMahon of the All Ears English podcast, recently hired and now shares the lessons she learned going through a lot of bad resumes and cover letters.



episode 770: 770 - 'Muslim' or 'Moslem'? 'Fishfolk'? 'Fishist'? What Is the Gender-Neutral Term for 'Fisherman'?

'Muslim' or 'Moslem'? 'Fishfolk'? 'Fishist'? What Is the Gender-Neutral Term for 'Fisherman'?



episode 769: 769 - Why Do We Say 'Cool Your Heels'? What's Up With 'Zhuzh'?

Here's why we say "cool your heels" and "cool your jets"—they're different! Also, we take a close look at the word "zhuzh" which means to make something more interesting or attractive. You may have never seen it spelled before, and there's a reason.



episode 768: 768 - Why Aren't We 'Whelmed'? And Cabin 'Fever,' Anyone?

We know we can be overwhelmed. Why aren't we ever just whelmed? Also, maybe it was having cabin fever that made us start thinking about all the English idioms that use the word "fever."


 2020-04-23  11m

episode 767: 767 - The semicolon is so much more interesting than you imagine

From 19th century grammatical duels to modern day suicide prevention campaigns, the semicolon continues to inspire


 2020-04-16  29m

episode 766: 766 - 'Flaunt' and 'Flout.' 'Band Together.'

The word "flaunt" and "flute" are strangely related (flute of shame, anyone?), but don't use either of them to mean "flout."


 2020-04-10  11m

episode 765: 765 - Say No to Marshall Law. How 'Vaccine' Is Related to 'Cow.'

Why you could be forgiven for (briefly) getting excited about "Marshall Law." Plus, did you know the word "vaccine" is related to cows?


 2020-04-02  9m

episode 764: 764. Skeleton Crew. Hunker Down. Uncharted. Existential.

Times are terrible, but no matter what is happening, we will always have interesting words and phrases to explore.


 2020-03-26  10m

episode 763: 763. How to Write Better Email. 'Pandemic' vs. 'Epidemic.' 'Canceled' vs. 'Cancelled.'

Are you writing more email? We have seven ways to do it better. Also, we'll help you understand the difference between an epidemic and a pandemic and when you should use "canceled" versus "cancelled."


 2020-03-19  13m