A program that is meant to Encourage and Empower the Journey, of seeking purpose and doing more of what we are passionate about. Sharing Perspective that will create debate, offer thoughts to ponder, all with the intent to Celebrate the Journey of Life, recognizing the importance of making each moment count. Thanks for connecting to HBBA "Think Tank Thursday!"




episode 1: Upon this Earth

Sharing from my Sandbox, the place that brings my heart the greatest fulfillment.


 2018-04-01  9m

episode 3: HOME means so many things

HOME; As 2017 closes out, I recognize my Healing in this season of my life, which is being rerouted, comes from Sharing. I'm Finding out that Encouraging others


 2017-12-31  15m

I'm Willing to Die on my Faith, the Question is Am I Willing to Live It?

My Life has been Altered, my Path Re-Routed, my Husband of 19 years was Murdered and now a Widow, raising our 2 Sons, I've decided I'm getting back in My Sandbo


 2017-07-19  31m

Living Life with a Grateful Heart or Simply Miserable?

What's the Point?!. . .Why even consider the Thought of Fulfillment or Gratitude? Why work hard for that premise? Why Pursue the Thought of being at Peace, Joyf


 2016-04-17  15m

Is There More?

Is There More? What role do you play in answering that question? Who decides that answer for you?


 2016-02-22  14m

What does YOUR Sandbox Look Like?

What does Your Sandbox Look Like? When I think of my Sandbox, I think of Fun, I think of Adventure, I think of unlimited imagination, where dreams of what's po


 2015-12-22  15m

How do you say "Thank You", no I mean really?

The question really is How Do You Say or Show Appreciation, How do you say "Thank You"?


 2015-12-15  19m

What's GRATITUDE got to do with it?

Who needs to show appreciation to Anybody for Anything? It is all about "Doing YOU", right?


 2015-10-30  15m

To Win or Learn

Are you Winning or Learning. . Have you considered your perspective on both?


 2015-09-23  13m

Who surrounds you and speaks into your life?

Have you considered who surrounds your life? The distance you travel on your journey could be decided by the company that you keep.


 2015-07-27  13m