A program that is meant to Encourage and Empower the Journey, of seeking purpose and doing more of what we are passionate about. Sharing Perspective that will create debate, offer thoughts to ponder, all with the intent to Celebrate the Journey of Life, recognizing the importance of making each moment count. Thanks for connecting to HBBA "Think Tank Thursday!"




      episode 1: Upon this Earth

      Sharing Upon this Earth ~ HS Sharing from my Sandbox, words that are sent out with LOVE. The Intent is for these words, to find the Hearts of those who need it, of those who can benefit from it that recognize it to be an asset along there life's journey. No agenda from this Sandbox, the Joy, the Fun is when you have found your passion, the joy beyond measure, beyond words to describe, comes from experience, from operating in that place, the overflow is the return of those who benefit f...


       2018-04-01  9m

      episode 3: HOME means so many things

      HOME My Life Forever Altered from the day, that Tragedy Visited my doorstep and Knocked on my door; What I've located within because of the Visit, is that I'm not the Victim that will roll over and assume the position of Defeat.  LOCATION "In the Process", so much can really be shared, about the Process.  The Discomfort, the Tears in the Midst of Celebrations, is in MY Process.  Many understand from that ONE WORD, recognize PROCESS, that it speaks volumes in so many ways, the Process runs l...


       2017-12-31  15m

      I'm Willing to Die on my Faith, the Question is Am I Willing to Live It?

      I recently realized that my last blog post under the tab “JOURNEY” was April 2016, I completely went off the map with the Blog posts, I was and still post Images on Facebook, our community Facebook page is HBBA (An Image of a Sunrise with an eagle Soaring over the water) and now my plans is to reconnect, I’m climbing back into my Sandbox, inviting and sharing via Blog, Pinterest and Twitter.  Where did I go during that time? I’m not really sure. . .I’m referencing the 5 months from April 20...


       2017-07-19  31m

      Living Life with a Grateful Heart or Simply Miserable?

      Welcome to HBBA Think Tank, Sunday Edition. Host,  "Donyale" from community Helping Build Bridges Across,will share her Perspective on, what does that choice look like. . .Living Life with a Grateful Heart or Simply Miserable?   RATHER,  you consider the answer to that question or not, our lives share in the same flow of, "Sand in an Hourglass" and TIME waits for No One. What we do with that Question and with our Time,IS ALWAYS A CHOICE! We are building bridges from our generation to the ne...


       2016-04-17  15m

      Is There More?

      Welcome to HBBA Think Tank, Monday Edition.  Our host Donyale, from Helping Build Bridges.com,  will share her Perspective on that Question. IS THERE MORE?,  It may surprise You where this shared Perspective might lead?!  #MakingGratitudeContagious everywhere we go!  HBBA


       2016-02-22  14m

      What does YOUR Sandbox Look Like?

      What does YOUR SANDBOX Look Like?  This edition of HBBA Think Tank, Donyale from Helping Build Bridges Across will explore that premise.  If Not Now, Then When may be a consideration of conversation, but whatever the discussion, we all have a perspective and the Door in our Community is Always Open to Share Yours!


       2015-12-22  15m

      How do you say "Thank You", no I mean really?

      This edition of HBBA Think Tank Tuesday, our Host Donyale from HBBA aka Helping Build Bridges Across will explore the Question: The Question really is How do you SAY or SHOW Appreciation? How do you say THANK YOU.  Not a question to take lightly, it could be a key to what you’ve been working on, it could be a Reminder that Tomorrow doesn’t  promise us that it will look the same as what or whom we have in our life Today. As we prepare to close our 2015 and anticipate being apart of building ...


       2015-12-15  19m

      What's GRATITUDE got to do with it?

      Our host, Donyale from the HBBA Community, offers her perspective on this Gratitude Thing. What does GRATITUDE have to do with it?  She will share what the real story, the real problem is and you might be surprise on what that picture looks like.  Where the discussion might lead?!


       2015-10-30  15m

      To Win or Learn

      To Win or Learn, a wonderful phrase, not Win or Lose, but Win or Learn.  The Journey is the travel, it is this gift we call life, it is the day to day of operating in areas that we have to and looking for more moments, more time to do more of what we love to do.  To take on the day to Win, when we fall short, To learn the lesson and continue to move forward. Our host, Donyale, from community H.B.B.A. Offers a perspective on what Win or Learn looks like?!


       2015-09-23  13m

      Who surrounds you and speaks into your life?

      Welcome to HBBA Think Tank, Monday Edition.  Our host, Donyale from Community called H.B.B.A. will share here perspective on this premise.  Have you considered who surrounds you and speaks into your life?   It could be an easy oversight, as you travel along your journey, this gift called Life. It could be the company you keep is empowering or simply put a hinderance?!   Your perspective is always welcome.


       2015-07-27  13m