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The straight up security news in 10 minutes or less! Aaron Lyons, John Strand, Beau Bullock and Paul Asadoorian cover the latest breaches, tool released and vulnerabilities.

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RAMSAY, STAMINA, & US-Cert Vulnerabilities - Wrap Up - SWN #34

This week, Doug wraps up all the shows across our network, including the Show News, Bunny Lebowski's toes, STAMINA, RAMSAY, and US-Cert Vulnerabilities!   Show Notes: Visit for all the latest episodes!   Follow us on Twitter: Like us on...


 2020-05-15  23m

Hacking COVID Research, ThunderSpy, & GDPR Fines - SWN #33

This week in the Security Weekly News, DEFCON 28 is indeed cancelled, Paying Ransomware may double the recovery cost, ThunderSpy evil maid attack on thunderbolt devices, FBI to release a warning about Chinese hackers targeting virus research, and...


 2020-05-12  23m

ILoveYou, PerSwaysion, & POWER-SUPPLaY - Wrap Up - SWN #32

This week, Doug White wraps up the hot topics and interviews across all of our shows on the network! Then delving into some of the top news stories like No more foreign power equipment, AppleGoogle bans the use of GPS in tracking, power supply oohs...


 2020-05-08  24m

I Love You Returns, Trojans, VBScripts, and Corey Thuen - SWN #31

This week, Hackers are using infected movie downloads to spread malware to PC, Esoteric Exfiltration using Power Supplies on Airgapped machines, US Government bans purchase of bulk power system equipment from hostile foreign powers, Eventbot malware...


 2020-05-05  26m

Drones, Brute Forcing, Zero Days, & Tracking Apps - SWN #30

This week in the Security Weekly News Wrap Up, Doug White talks Brute Forcing Returns, Zero Days in Salt and SOPHOS, COVID Tracking APPS and privacy, Drones delivering drugs, Digital Identity, and no more double spacing at the end of a sentence!...


 2020-05-02  22m

SCADA Attacks, Shade Ransomware, & FBI Warnings - SWN #29

This week on the Security Weekly News, Shade Ransomware End of Life, Microsoft vulnerability in Teams can allow hijacking of accounts, Two spaces after a period now decreed a "typo", Israel reports attacks on SCADA Water Systems, Microbes have memory...


 2020-04-28  21m

Zoom Can't Win, 0 Day Extravaganza, & Starbleed - Wrap Up - SWN #28

This week on the Security Weekly News Wrap Up, Cyber Justice League volunteers working with healthcare in the COVID-19 plague, Android 8.0-9.0 Bluetooth zero click RCE - Bluefrag, IBM refuses to patch 4 zero days and so, they are released on github,...


 2020-04-24  23m

FGPA Chip Flaws, Hacking Dropbox, & Starbleed - SWN #27

This week on the Security Weekly News, COVID-19 affects web traffic and attack trends, Hackers continue to exploit patched Pulse Secure VPN Flaws, Starbleed: Flaw in FPGA chips exposes safety-critical devices to attacks, COVID-19's impact on Tor, and...


 2020-04-21  26m

Hospital Hacks, Masking Face ID, & Attacking 5G - Wrap Up - SWN #26

This week in the Security Weekly News Wrap Up Show, Doug White covers the hot topics and and stories across all our shows on the Security Weekly Network! How to teach your iPhone to recognize FACE ID while wearing a mask, Energetic bear behind SFO...


 2020-04-17  24m

5G Conspiracies, Zombieware, & C-Suite Targets - SWN #25

This week on the Security Weekly News, Checkpoint Global Threat Index moved Dridex to third place, Dutch Telco towers damaged by 5G protestors, CyberCube reports indicate Increased targeting of C-Suite employees, Cybercrime may be the world's...


 2020-04-14  31m