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The straight up security news in 10 minutes or less! Aaron Lyons, John Strand, Beau Bullock and Paul Asadoorian cover the latest breaches, tool released and vulnerabilities.

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Crypto Chaos, Assange Trial, & Turkish RATs - SWN #13

This week, Quantum Crypto Chaos, IBM Cloud Vulnerabilities in CICS, Crowded Flounder and Hacking Back, Turkish RATs, Israeli soldiers catfished by HAMAS, and the Julian Assange Trial: Australian PMs trying to prevent extradition to the United States!...



Docker Repos, SweynTooth, & Emotet - Wrap Up - SWN #12

This week, Doug White brings you through the latest across all of our shows on the network, CIA pwns well, everyone in history, Bluetooth hacking, Thousands of Docker Repositories are open to the internet, lots of ransomware, and is Apple giving up...



CIA, Equifax, ATT&CK for ICS - SWN #11

The CIA spying? NASA could have used a USB charger? Election technology not very secure? ICS is a threat and the return of the Equifax monster from beyond the grave!   Show Notes: Visit for all the latest episodes!   Follow us on Twitter: ...



Hacking Philips, Iowa Caucus, & Kryptos Key - Wrap Up - SWN #10

This week, Doug White gives you the latest updates across all of Security Weekly's shows, from malware to hacking air-gapped computers, Ashley Madison, Katelyn Bowden and the BADASSARMY, Se This week, Doug White gives you the latest updates across all...



Iowa Wins, Zero Hedge, & Dark Web Breaches - SWN #9

This week, Everyone wins in Iowa, Twitter has conspiracy theories? No way! Hackers steal billions and don't get caught, Iowa Election Apps secured by "obscurity", and the top 24 passwords found on the Dark Web. In the Expert Commentary, we welcome...



Corona Virus, Ragnarok Ransomware, Coalfire Outcome - Wrap Up - SWN #8

DEFCON is canceled from Coronavirus, Ragnarok Ransomware Runs Ragged Rapidly, Avast suddenly stops selling your data to third parties and shutters Jumpshot, Charges against Coalfire Red Team dropped in Dallas County, and 20 Board Members realize that...



NFL Hacked, Ransomware Spikes, & Clearview - SWN #7

This week, How all vehicles are on the road to being hackable, Misinformation on the internet regarding the Corona virus? No way!, Jersey police are barred from using Clearview, CDC report on the Coronavirus, and Coveware reports said that ransomware...



Bezos Hack, Microsoft Exposed, AI Threats - Wrap Up - SWN #6

This week, Doug White brings the Security Weekly News update for the week of January 20, 2020, to discuss the top news stories of the week, across all of the Security Weekly Network shows!   Show Notes: Visit for all the latest episodes!  ...



AI, Telnet, & Travelex - SWN #5

This week, Clearview app lets strangers find your information through Facial Recognition, Travelex begins reboot as VPN bug persists, ADP users hit by Phishing Scam, Exposed Telnet ports lead to over 500,000 IoT devices credentials stolen, and over...



Tik Tok, Win 10, Ransomware - Wrap Up - SWN #4

Highlights from the Security Weekly shows this week, including dealing with personalities and compliance, Windows 10 exploits, alert fatigue in your SoC, security for startups, Windows 10 exploits, Tik Tok backdoors, lottery hack, 5G (in)security and...