Hack Naked News (Video)

The straight up security news in 10 minutes or less! Aaron Lyons, John Strand, Beau Bullock and Paul Asadoorian cover the latest breaches, tool released and vulnerabilities.




NodeJS, Rowhammer, & FBI FedEx - Hack Naked News #198

Disastrous Rowhammer bitflips, malicious developer steals Bitcoin with nodeJS module, Germany proposes router security guidelines, Uber fined 148$ Million for data breach cover-up, Microsoft yanks 2 buggy Office patches, and a malvertising campaign...


 2018-11-27  21m

Mail Bombs, DirtyCOW, and Ford - Hack Naked News #197

Mailing bombs, Gmail glitch Phishing Attacks, Stopping the Infiltration of Things, Make-A-Wish website serves a Cryptojacking Script, Instagram exposes user passwords, and DirtyCOW is back in backdoor attack targeting Drupal Web Servers! Jason Wood...


 2018-11-20  21m

Botnet, Phineas Fisher, and SSD - Hack Naked News #196

Vulnerabilities in SSD Encryption, Bypassing Windows UAC, Botnet Pwns over 100,00 routers w/ ancient security flaw, Google hit with IP Hijack, and 1 thing you can do to make your internet safer and faster! Jason Wood from Paladin Security joins us for...


 2018-11-13  20m

Bing, Chrome, and Docker API - Hack Naked News #195

A one-liner exploit for X, the danger of searching for Chrome in Bing, exposing your Docker API, you can find sensitive data in the cloud, exploit users by embedded videos in Word documents, dead web apps, hacking BGP routes, a new DHCP vulnerability...


 2018-10-30  21m

LibSSH, Wordpress, and LIVE555 - Hack Naked News #194

This week, Critical Code execution flaws, WordPress working on wiping older versions from existence, Multiple serious flaws in Drupal, TCP/IP flaws leave IoT gear open to mass hijacking, jQuery plugin actively exploited for at least three years, Flaw...


 2018-10-23  24m

Microsoft, Apple. & Fake Adobe Updates - Hack Naked News #193

This week, Millions of voter records for sale on the Dark Web, Apple passcode bypass can access pictures and contacts, how Chrome and Firefox could ruin your business, Fake Adobe updates, Microsoft Zero-Day patch for JET bug incomplete, and 5 ways...


 2018-10-18  26m

Tenable, Google+, and Weak Passwords - Hack Naked News #192

Tenable Researcher Reveals Extended MikroTik Router Vulnerability, Wi-Fi versions will get names people can actually understand, don't accept Facebook's 2nd friend request, Google Plus exposed 500,000 users data, Weak passwords are being banned in...


 2018-10-09  24m

Robocallers, Netsparker, and LenovoEMC - Hack Naked News #191

This week, Robocallers get huge fines for spoofing phone numbers, 100,000 home routers used for Brazilian hacking scam, 85 reasons to update your Adobe PDF software, 9 NAS bugs open LenovoEMC, 5 major Security updates for Chrome extensions, and...


 2018-10-03  18m

WordPress, Magecart Malware, & Bitcoin - Hack Naked News #190

This week, WordPress sites backdoored with malicious code, Google's forced sign in to Chrome raises red flags, Newegg is victimized by Magecart Malware, a Woman hijacked CCTV cameras for Trump's inauguration, Bitcoin DDoS attacks, Cybercriminals...


 2018-09-25  22m

Drone Assassins, Security Shaming, and Zero-Day - Hack Naked News #189

Drone assassins are cheap, deadly, and at your local store, State Department shamed, MS-ISAC releases advisory advisory PHP vulnerabilities, a nasty piece of CSS code, a Zero-Day bug in CCTV surveillance cameras, and FreeBSD has its own...


 2018-09-18  23m