Hack Naked News (Video)

The straight up security news in 10 minutes or less! Aaron Lyons, John Strand, Beau Bullock and Paul Asadoorian cover the latest breaches, tool released and vulnerabilities.




      Drone Assassins, Security Shaming, and Zero-Day - Hack Naked News #189

      Drone assassins are cheap, deadly, and at your local store, State Department shamed, MS-ISAC releases advisory advisory PHP vulnerabilities, a nasty piece of CSS code, a Zero-Day bug in CCTV surveillance cameras, and FreeBSD has its own...



      Tesla S, British Airways, and Equifax - Hack Naked News #188

      Stealing your Tesla, British Airways hack, Equifax long list of mistakes, Windows 7 support, oops I forgot to encrypt your chats, I can see your browser history, Tor browsers, VPNs and Coldfusion? Jason Wood from Paladin Security joins us for expert...



      Android OS, MikroTik, and John McAfee - Hack Naked News #187

      Android OS API-Breaking Flaw, Thousands of MikroTik Routers Hacked, John McAfee's unhackable Bitcoin wallet is hackable, misconfigured 3D printers, Researchers used Sonar Signal to steal unlock passwords, and the Linux Foundation sets to improve...



      AT, Adobe, Fortnite, and 0-day - Hack Naked News #186

      This week, AT commands will pwn your phone, Adobe gets creative with an update, protecting your pin, why companies should use the Google Play store, 0-day Windows vulnerabilities disclosed on Twitter, and side-channel attacks that can be mitigated...



      Black Hat, USB Harpoons, & PHP Attacks - Hack Naked News #185

      This week, Hacking Blackhat Badges?, USB Harpoons (not the ale), PHP attacks, privacy in Las Vegas hotels, or not, who is looking at your DNS requests?, AWS breaches. Jason Wood from Paladin Security joins us for expert commentary on social networks...


       2018-08-21  23m

      Def Con, Black Hat, Apple MacOS, and Styra - Hack Naked News #184

      This week, Las Vegas, Linux vulnerabilities, malicious faxes, Apple macOS vulnerabilities, and police body cams open to attack. We air a pre recorded interview with Matt Alderman and Torin Sandall from Styra at Def Con 2018, and more on this episode...


       2018-08-14  23m

      DHS, AOL, and Breach Prevention - Hack Naked News #183

      This week, hacking AOL style, DHS attempts to secure critical infrastructure, hacking for poison, ERP targeting, hacking 10,000 Wordpress sites, prisoners steal things, wiping your car and get paid to hack your printer. Ed Sattar from QuickStart joins...


       2018-07-31  27m

      Russian Hackers, OpenWhisk, and Tomcat - Hack Naked News #182

      Edgy XSS bypass, hacking fitness tracking in China, Russian hackers love power, leaky backups, Google hates Phishing for Google employees, Apache Tomcat, Solaris vulnerabilities that weren't really fixed, OpenWhisk fails to beat a vulnerability. Full...


       2018-07-24  14m

      007 Spectre, IP Address, and Military Hijackers - Hack Naked News #181

      This week, fake tech support, your picture is your password, 007 to the rescue, Shun the non-believers or at least IP address hijackers, hacking the military with a router vulnerability, IoT search engines reveal passwords. Jason Wood from Paladin...


       2018-07-17  20m

      Wordpress, Apple, and Kim Dotcom - Hack Naked #180

      This week, Wordpress vulnerabilities, Apple updates, Gentoo, Kim Dotcom, discovering 0-day exploits, and bypassing Apple's USB restricted mode! Jason Wood from Paladin Security joins us for expert commentary, and more on this episode of Hack Naked...


       2018-07-10  20m