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Ham Radio Now podcasts are the audio from our television programs (on YouTube.com/HamRadioNow). The shows are all about the hobby/service of Amateur Radio, but there are several types of shows all mixed up among the episodes. Some are talk shows, some are seminars and forums, and there's a mini-documentary now and then. The talk shows make the best audio listening, but you'll get something from almost all of them. We'll rate the "radio" quality in the show descriptions.


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A little help for Jeff and Bobbie

HamRadioNow viewers will probably remember Jeff Wittich AC4ZO. Jeff appeared on more than 40 episodes, and gave me invaluable help in producing many of the hamfest podcasts from Dayton, Orlando and Huntsville* Jeff and his wife Bobbie KD4ZVW need...


 2021-03-15  50m

HRN 424 Ham Cam International

David visits with some of the members of Ham Cam International. This informal radio club meets via JITSI. They talk about Ham Radio, help each other learn and accomplish Ham Radio goals and provide a place to connect with other like minded Ham's from...


 2021-01-11  57m

HRN423 Long Island CW Club

Howard WB2UZE and John K2NY of the Long Island CW Club visit with David W0DHG and talk about their CW training program. The club started in 2017 offers over 45 hours of CW classes EACH week, and has grown to over 600 members from all 50 states and 15...


 2020-06-23  51m

HRN 422: Field Day 2020 Bull Session

Jim  NO1PC joins David W0DHG to again try and inspire everyone to get out next weekend for FIELD DAY!


 2020-06-21  33m

HRN 421: Field Day 2020

David W0DHG talks with Elmer NO1PC about what changes will be in effect for Field Day 2020, and how we will participate. Hoping that we will work you on Field Day. Please remember to send us a radiogram for points ( send to our calls @arrl.net).


 2020-06-15  1h12m

HRN 420L FCC Allows Remote Testing!?!

Norm Goodkin K6YXH visits with David W0DHG and talks about getting up and running to do remote testing for Amateur Radio Licenses. Norm mentioned that there were a lot of other players involved, but this is a good review of what they went through to...


 2020-05-07  1h14m

HRN 418: Self Quarantine Day IV

It's Friday night... I made it through the week. What are you doing right now with Ham Radio?  I heard from several of you: Helping out in County Call Centers, School Free Lunch distribution and Virus Testing. WOW!


 2020-03-21  13m

HRN 417: Self Quarantine Day Two

What does "be prepared" mean to Ham Radio? Got stuff, I talk about some of my bags that are ready to go... And JOTA/JOTI


 2020-03-19  11m

HRN 416: Quarantine Day 1

David W0DHG is hunkered down in Los Angeles. Just a quick episode, but hoping to chronicle this adventure over the next few day, weeks, and perhaps months. Please email me w0dhg@arrl.net if you have suggestions for shows or want to join me via the...


 2020-03-18  9m

HRN 415: FCC Reallocation 3/5 GHz

Andre Hansen K6AH, David Erickson KB5UGF and Jim Aspinwall NO1PC join David W0DHG to discuss the SPECTRUM DEFENSE and proposed changes to the 3GHz and 5GHz bands. These changes will affect current ARDEN networks across the nation. Below are links...


 2020-01-06  50m