Hands Free Football

Dave and Carol Brouillette, Cascadian soccer fans, sit down every week to discuss MLS. Games are analyzed, predictions made, and larger concepts pondered.


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Ep 106: Farewell

Yep, the time has come. Not only are we saying farewell to the season, but we are saying farewell to this show (mostly), and to you, all our friends. This week, Carol and Dave talk about the experience of winning an MLS Cup at home,


 2019-11-23  1h20m


Hey guys! I case you were wondering, Dave and Carol are more than a little excited to have and MLS Cup right here in Seattle. This week they talk about what it means to have the game here. They also look back at this postseason,


 2019-11-07  53m

Ep 104: Wishlist

Hey all! We’re back! This show was recorded awhile ago, and there have been some changes in the state of things since we were in the studio. However, this week Dave and Carol spend some time talking about the state of the Nazis and Iron Front issue.


 2019-10-02  1h7m

Ep. 103: Arguing in Bad Faith

Okay, let’s just stop pretending like we’re recording anything that isn’t a serious topic ever again. But dammit, we need to talk about this stuff. First, Dave and Carol talk about the ACTUAL FRIGGIN’ WHITE SUPREMACISTS who showed up at the Sounders ma...


 2019-08-23  1h9m

Ep 102: Is This Political?

We’re back! Despite a long – and unexpected – hiatus, we’re here again with another episode! This week, Carol and Dave talk about why they were gone for so long, and their thoughts on the future of the show. Then,


 2019-08-04  1h23m

Ep 101: Spotty Reception

Hey everybody! Got another heavy one for you guys, because apparently the theme for this year is that we hate fun. This week Carol and Dave tackle MLS’ sponsorship deal with Chick-Fil-A and what that means for the League’s “Soccer For All” campaign.


 2019-06-09  1h9m

Ep 100: Episode Freakin’ ONE HUNDRED with Alexi Lalas (no, really!)

Holy crap, guys! We made it to episode 100! And to help us celebrate this milestone, we got soccer legend Alexi Lalas to join us and talk about the Women’s World Cup. Plus, Carol and Dave reminisce on the history of the show,


 2019-05-21  1h16m

Ep. 99: Around the League

Hey, maybe it’s about time we actually talked about what’s going on in this league that we ostensibly follow. This week, Dave and Carol talk about why MLS decided to comply with FIFA’s Solidarity Payment and Training Compensation rules. Also,


 2019-05-16  1h9m

Ep 98: Abuse and Support

You know what? It’s not that we keep wanting to do very serious topics. It’s just that there’s too many very serious topics that need to be covered in soccer right now. This week, Carol and Dave talk about Kaku kicking a ball right at a fan,


 2019-04-24  1h2m

Ep 97: Why Couldn’t This Have Been Episode 96?

Hey guys! Well, we’re on vacation, but the doesn’t mean you have to miss out on Hands Free Football! Instead, you get another show that’s a week out of date. Yay! Just before taking off for the week, Dave and Carol sat down to talk about a listener cha...


 2019-04-09  1h17m