Hands Free Football

Dave and Carol Brouillette, Cascadian soccer fans, sit down every week to discuss MLS. Games are analyzed, predictions made, and larger concepts pondered.




      Ep 73: Some Sort of Direction

      Hello again! Carol couldn’t make it this week, so Dave decided to welcome back long-time friend of the show Tyson this week. The two of them discussed Zlatan’s mind-blowing MLS debut, and what’s happening in LA. Then they cover some comments about respect in Minnesota. And finally, Bruce Arena is releasing a tell-all book about […]



      Ep 72: Plant Your Flag

      You know what supporters groups love? When fans of other teams opine on their internal conflicts. That’s why Dave and Carol had to talk about a discussion going on in Atlanta about the the use of large flags in the Supporter’s Section. Looks like Carol also was right about the Miami stadium situation, so we […]



      Ep 71: Bigger Picture

      It’s time we got the lawyers involved. Unfortunately, none of them would return our calls. So instead, this week, Dave and Carol decided to explain the State of Ohio’s lawsuit against the Columbus Crew with out any expertise at all. Surely nothing could go wrong there. Also, CONCACAF Champions League… Do we care? And should […]


       2018-03-19  1h7m

      Ep 70: Soccer McSoccerface

      The season is upon us! This week, Dave and Carol sit down to discuss thew newly announced expansion cities, and why there still might be room for doubt in Miami. Then, they give an update on the status of Columbus. Finally, there were some big transfers this offseason. What would it be like to get […]


       2018-03-05  1h20m

      Ep 69: Fun and Games

      Hey everybody! We’re still alive! It’s been a long offseason, and there’s a lot to talk about. However, we’re not going to talk about any of that here. This week, Dave and Carol were joined by friend-of-the-Show Sam to play and react to some, shall we say lesser known soccer video games. This one’s quite […]


       2018-02-12  1h17m

      Ep 68: ‘Tis the Postseason

      Well, that wraps it up for MLS in 2017. This week, Dave and Carol chat with Steve Gennaro from TFC Live to talk about the MLS Cup Final, and what it’s looking like on the streets of Toronto these days. Also, there was an expansion draft. Just what does it mean when a player isn’t […]


       2017-12-17  1h3m

      Ep 67: Nothing to Lose

      It’s that time. It’s the biggest game of the year. It’s the rematch that we’ve all been looking for. Unless you don’t live in Toronto or Seattle… but still. This week Dave and Carol talk about the Conference Final games, and preview the MLS Cup final this weekend. Also, they give some solid advice about […]


       2017-12-08  1h10m

      Ep 66: Unfounded Opinions

      Hey, did you know that we’re occasionally wrong? No, seriously. Even Dave is. Like *all* the time. This week Dave and Carol talk about how they were wrong about Caleb Porter getting fired. They also, decided to throw out a whole lot of pure speculation about what’s going on with the situation. They also have […]


       2017-11-26  1h14m

      Ep. 65: Moving On

      Well, that took a bit longer than expected. But here we are! This week, Dave and Carol talk about playoffs! But you knew we would talk about that. What you didn’t know we’d talk about is that CALEB PORTER IS OUT IN PORTLAND!!!! Also, there’s so other coaching news in the league. Anyway, this show’s […]


       2017-11-21  1h20m

      Ep 64: #SaveTheCrew

      The playoffs have begun, but we have some more important stuff to talk about.  This week, Dave and Carol are joined by Alexis from Columbus to talk all about the Crew and their potential move to Austin.  They also look at the league’s history of teams moving and contracting to find out just why this […]


       2017-11-06  1h30m