Hands Free Football

Dave and Carol Brouillette, Cascadian soccer fans, sit down every week to discuss MLS. Games are analyzed, predictions made, and larger concepts pondered.




Ep 68: ‘Tis the Postseason

Well, that wraps it up for MLS in 2017. This week, Dave and Carol chat with Steve Gennaro from TFC Live to talk about the MLS Cup Final, and what it’s looking like on the streets of Toronto these days. Also, there was an expansion draft. Just what does it mean when a player isn’t […]



Ep 67: Nothing to Lose

It’s that time. It’s the biggest game of the year. It’s the rematch that we’ve all been looking for. Unless you don’t live in Toronto or Seattle… but still. This week Dave and Carol talk about the Conference Final games, and preview the MLS Cup final this weekend. Also, they give some solid advice about […]



Ep 66: Unfounded Opinions

Hey, did you know that we’re occasionally wrong? No, seriously. Even Dave is. Like *all* the time. This week Dave and Carol talk about how they were wrong about Caleb Porter getting fired. They also, decided to throw out a whole lot of pure speculation about what’s going on with the situation. They also have […]



Ep. 65: Moving On

Well, that took a bit longer than expected. But here we are! This week, Dave and Carol talk about playoffs! But you knew we would talk about that. What you didn’t know we’d talk about is that CALEB PORTER IS OUT IN PORTLAND!!!! Also, there’s so other coaching news in the league. Anyway, this show’s […]



Ep 64: #SaveTheCrew

The playoffs have begun, but we have some more important stuff to talk about.  This week, Dave and Carol are joined by Alexis from Columbus to talk all about the Crew and their potential move to Austin.  They also look at the league’s history of teams moving and contracting to find out just why this […]



Ep 63: Playoffs!?

This has got to be the most international podcast we’ve ever recorded.  Not only were we joined by the fantastic Steve Gennaro from All In Talk Sports to discuss our new broadcasting partnership, but it was also edited on a ferry in the Strait of Juan de Fuca, and posted in the fabulous Victoria, BC. […]



Ep 62: Bad Decisions and Uncertain Futures

This week, Dave and Carol are joined by friend Bethany for a quick chat about the deeper thoughts inspired by an editing error. Then, Dave gets angry about the USMNT. And Anthony Precourt. And himself. And some other things to. Dave got a little ranty in this episode. Enjoy! First off, let’s see someone who […]



Ep 61: Something New

Hey guys! This week, Dave missed out because he’s still in an angry drunken stupor after the US missed out on World Cup Qualifying. So instead, Carol was joined by friend of the show Sara to talk about it. They also talk about the future of US Soccer. Also, what sort of reaction does Roman […]



Ep 60: This is Supposed to be Fun

Hello again! Dave and Carol are back to cover some more lighthearted material than we’ve managed the last couple weeks. So, of course we start with the Catalan Independence movement. Then we take a look at the Supporters Shield winning Toronto FC. The US Men’s National Team will play for their World Cup berth this […]



Ep 59: An American Footballer in France

Hey all! We got a doozy, this week, and perhaps it’s a bit less soccer focused than usual. This week Dave and Carol were very excited to be joined by Duncan, who spent some time playing and coaching good ol’ Hands-On football in Paris. Well yes, this is a slight departure from our usual sport, […]