Hands Free Football

Dave and Carol Brouillette, Cascadian soccer fans, sit down every week to discuss MLS. Games are analyzed, predictions made, and larger concepts pondered.




      Ep 89: Behind Enemy Lines

      So, fun story. Dave was almost too sick to record this week, so Carol was asking around for someone to fill in when she found an HONEST-TO-GOD-TIMBERS-FAN IN TACOMA!!!! So we set up a time to record. But then we found out that THE CREW IS SAVED!!!!



      Ep 88: I Can’t Believe Ben Olsen Didn’t Get Fired While I Edited This Episode

      Don’t get us wrong. We have nothing against Ben Olsen, and we don’t want to see him fired. It’s just that in light of Carl Robinson’s exit in Vancouver, we can’t help but wonder how Olsen still has a job. So this week Carol and Dave took a deeper look ...



      Ep 87: Strike One

      Welcome Back! This week, Dave and Carol talk all about sports strikes. For some reason, the subject of labor strikes has been on their mind. First the take a look at the various labor stoppages in the four other big US sports.


       2018-09-17  1h14m

      Ep 86: Dropping a Deuce

      You can thank friend-of-the-show Warbs for that little gem of a title. Welcome back! Of course, this week Carol and Dave are going to talk about the retirement of Clint Dempsey. They delve into his career, and what he meant to them. Also,


       2018-09-05  1h19m

      Ep 85: Girl Talk

      Hello again! We are back, and we got a great one for you. This week, Carol and Dave discuss the all female broadcast team for the DC United vs New England game. Is this just a one-off, or are we turning a corner when it comes to female voices in the br...


       2018-08-28  59m

      Ep. 84: Superstitions on the Mountain

      Hey everybody! We’re back! We’re not sick, and we can breath! So let’s talk about superstitions! This week, Dave and Carol talk about sports superstitions, are they real, or are they even meant to be real. Also, Wayne Rooney did something amazing.


       2018-08-18  1h4m

      Ep. 83: It’s Not a [blank] Podcast

      Hello again! Carol’s out of town, so this week Dave sat down with friend-of-the-show Mike Warbington. They had a rambling discussion that hit all sorts of different topics and even different sports. They took a look at where the Sounders are compared t...


       2018-08-01  1h22m

      Ep 82: A Brazillion stories

      Hey all! We’re really excited about this week’s episode. Carol and Dave were joined by Patch, who is not only Brazilian and a soccer fan (but I repeat myself), but even worked at the 2014 World Cup! She shares some incredible stories and well as gives ...


       2018-07-14  1h22m

      Ep 81: … And Other Crimes Against Soccer

      What’s that? We’re back again so soon? You bet we are! This week, Dave and Carol dive into the controversy over Russia’s success this World Cup, and whether or not it’s deserved. Then Carol has dug up some more interesting World Cup History. First,


       2018-07-10  1h1m

      Ep 80: Getting Robbed

      Let’s get back into the swing of things, shall we. Well, sort of. In this – slightly delayed – show, Dave and Carol talk about the World Cup group stage. They have some thoughts on Germany. Also, what exactly is this fair play rule that Senegal was eli...


       2018-07-07  1h15m