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We go track by track through the underbelly of music history using research and trivia to locate the roots of our obsession with vinyl records. Proud part of Pantheon - the podcast network for music lovers.


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episode 21: Moogs and Thereminutia (Episode 17)

In this episode, Ryan and Joe recount the history of Electronic Mastermind Bob Moog and butcher his name several times along the way (Moog not Bob).  Also, as always: songs you need to know and trivia!    


 February 2, 2018  1h3m

episode 20: Jesus Rock & Goofy Schlock - Private Press Records 2 (Episode 16)

Ryan & Joe dig deeper into the crates to find great Jesus Rock records, great Weirdo records, and great Jesus Weirdo records. A Venn Diagram of fantastic craziness. Plus four more private press gems. And Joe mixes up Ryan with a topsy-turvy edition of ...


 January 18, 2018  1h16m

episode 19: Private Press Recordings & Tax Scam Labels (Episode 15)

Ryan and Joe give the finger to the mob and take on the world of private press records. From the goofy to the sublime to the sublimely goofy, private press records, in their heyday, were something to behold.  This episode spends a lot of time talking abo...


 January 6, 2018  1h8m

episode 18: Bonus Holiday Show Ho Ho! (Episode 14)

In this truncated bonus episode, Ryan & Joe play underappreciated holiday tunes they hope you'll add to your seasonal playlists. Everyone's favorite Christmas cannibal, Jeffrey Dahmer, makes an appearance, along with trivia, as always.  


 December 21, 2017  43m

episode 17: The Ballad of Tiny Tim (Episode 13)

Ryan & Joe attempt to tiptoe through and around the premature ejaculate that was a novelty career. Also: 4 more stupendous songs and trivia that will melt your mind, dude.


 December 14, 2017  1h2m

episode 16: The History of Colored Vinyl (Episode 12)

Ryan & Joe take you through the story of how and when colored vinyl began so you can see it's been more than just a marketing ploy for the past few decades. It's been that for over 100 years. Also in this episode, 4 songs to pleasure your ears and trivia...


 December 1, 2017  57m

episode 15: Going to Georgia (Episode 11)

Ryan & Joe meet up in Georgia, a state where donkeys may not be kept in bathtubs. They discuss how and when folk art met college radio and both exploded across America. Also, four Georgia-themed songs featuring: a band you know using an alias and singing...


 November 16, 2017  1h5m

episode 14: 33 1/3 Book Series (Episode 10)

Ryan & Joe talk about books about albums and unveil four more songs you may not know but should. Also, TRIVIA! 


 November 2, 2017  52m

episode 10: Halloween (Episode 9)

When played backwards listeners will hear a direct message from Satan. Also, they'll get all of the trivia answers correct.


 October 27, 2017  1h6m

episode 2: Nina Simone (Episode 8)

This episode is mostly about Nina Simone’s life and music. Find out which famous neighbors of hers she may or may not have played charades with and hear one of her strangest and best songs. Also, TRIVIA!


 October 20, 2017  52m