Highway Hi-Fi Podcast

We go track by track through the underbelly of music history using research and trivia to locate the roots of our obsession with vinyl records. Proud part of Pantheon - the podcast network for music lovers.


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episode 10: George Peckham and the Porky Prime Cuts (Episode 7)

Ever wonder who etched the cryptic messages in the dead wax of your Led Zeppelin and Joy Division records? Good chance it was the greatest record engineer of all-time, George Peckham. Also, how well do you know your favorite songs (when they are played b...


 October 13, 2017  55m

episode 11: The Great 78 Project (Episode 6)

In this jam-packed episode, Ryan & Joe talk about how archivists are salvaging thousands of rare 78s before they disappear completely. Also in the episode: Kenny Rogers karaoke, Elvis Presley karate moves, 4 songs, and trivia!


 October 7, 2017  1h18m

episode 5: John Peel (Episode 5)

Jack White is only one degree of separation from Jack Ruby - thanks to John Peel. Joe and Ryan discuss the legendary DJ, his mythological record collection, and his still relevant impact on the music industry.  Also, how well do you know your rock star d...


 October 7, 2017  1h2m

episode 6: Lester Bangs v. Lou Reed (Episode 4)

If you’ve ever taken Adderall and Ambien at the same time, you may have an idea of what it was like to be in a room with Lester Bangs and Lou Reed. Ryan & Joe talk about how this contentiously respectful relationship both blossomed and wilted. Also in th...


 October 7, 2017  1h2m

episode 12: Stagger Lee (Episode 3)

From St. Louis to the depths of Hell: Ryan & Joe discuss how “Stagger Lee” started as a true story ripped from the headlines and led to a larger than life folk anti-hero whose story has been told in song over 400 times. Hang on to that Stetson Hat. Also ...


 October 3, 2017  58m

episode 13: Butcher Block (Episode 2)

Ryan & Joe talk about the album cover options that even the Beatles thought were over the top – and yes, some include encased meats. Also in this episode: Four songs you should know more about and trivia questions about banned record covers.


 October 3, 2017  1h2m

episode 9: Highway Hi Fi (Episode 1)

Description: Turntables in cars were a tremendous failure, rivaled only by “Heaven’s Gate”, New Coke, and the Edsel. In this, the inaugural episode, Ryan & Joe discuss how this came to fruition and why it was such be a bad idea. Also in this episode: Fou...


 September 30, 2017  1h12m