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Historian and veteran Middle East journalist Michael Rank looks into the most exciting events and personalities of history in this podcast and explains them in five-minute episodes so that you can absorb the facts in the fastest way possible. Learn about the lives of Genghis Khan, Vlad Dracul, and Richard the Lionheart, and such events as the Crusades and the Black Death in these highly entertaining and informative episodes. Michael has sold thousands of books with his unique take on the past with such best-selling titles as "History's Most Insane Rulers: Lunatics, Eccentrics, and Megalomaniacs From Emperor Caligula to Kim Jon Il," and he brings the same energy to this podcast. He focuses on world history, Roman history, military history, the history of the United States, the most famous rulers in history, biographies, biography of famous people, the most famous people in history, the most powerful rulers, medieval history, violent history, world history, United States history, and how to put all these pieces together. This is a great podcast if you know nothing about a topic and need a good launching point into a deeper study.


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HFM 160 | Series Finale: The Final Episode of History in Five Minutes

Welcome to the end, my friends! I am powering down History in Five Minutes because I have launched a new and better show called History Unplugged.  You can subscribe to the show on iTunes or Android Here’s an overview of History Unplugged: Every Tuesda...


 2017-09-05  6m

H5M 159 | The Man Who Avoided Drowning on the Titanic By Getting Drunk

The sinking of the Titantic was one of the greatest tragedies of the 20th century. Over 1,000 passengers lost their lives on the supposedly unsinkable ship. But the chief baker didn’t. He managed to survive in the frigid waters for four hours while mos...


 2016-12-29  8m

H5M 158 | Churchill’s “Operation Vegetarian”

Our guest today is Giles Milton, the host of the Unknown History Podcast. Winston Churchill was not afraid to get his hands dirty. He was perfectly happy to consider chemical warfare against the Axis powers.


 2016-12-05  8m

H5M 157 | Churchill’s Most Controversial Cousin

Our guest today is Giles Milton, the host of the Unknown History Podcast. We all have an embarrassing relative. Maybe that embarrassing relative is us. But Winston Churchill’s cousin took it to a new level. She had love affairs,


 2016-11-28  8m

HFM 156 | Churchill’s Affinity for Chemical Weapons

Our guest today is Giles Milton, the host of the Unknown History Podcast. Giles is going to talk all about Churchill’s affinity for chemical weapons, something I didn’t even know was a thing. He answers all sorts of questions in this interview.


 2016-11-22  8m

HFM 155 | Why Did British Men Wear Powdered Wigs in the 1700s?

  You’ve seen the look in historical dramas. You laughed at the foppish dandies that appear on Masterpiece Theater. In grade school you sneered at pictures of King George with his powdered wig, adjusting it ever so slightly while drinking a cup of tea ...


 2016-09-29  7m

HFM 154 | German POWs in the U.S. During World War II

  Did you know that over 400,000 German POWs were settled in the United States during World War II? Did you know that they may have built some of the stone buildings that make up your town square? Or that they were responsible for bringing in America’s...


 2016-09-22  11m

HFM 153 | Teddy Roosevelt’s Near-Death Journey Through the Amazon

  Teddy Roosevelt was not afraid to tempt death. He hiked the Matterhorn during his honeymoon. He arrested outlaws on the Dakota Frontier. He hunted rhinos in Africa. But his most dangerous journey came after his failure in 1912 to retake the presidenc...


 2016-09-22  8m

HFM 152 | How Teddy Roosevelt Gave a 90-Minute Speech After Being Shot

  Theodore Roosevelt was hell bent on becoming president in 1912. He ran as a third-party candidate for the Progressive Party, a splinter group of Republicans dissatisfied with William Howard Taft. He was so committed to winning that he gave a 90-minut...


 2016-09-14  6m

HFM 151 |When Teddy Roosevelt Arrested Three Boat Thieves

Perhaps no president has as many unbelievable stories about his life than Teddy Roosevelt. He was an amateur boxer. He was the first American politician to learn judo. He summited the Matterhorn during his honeymoon.


 2016-09-14  12m