History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps

Peter Adamson, Professor of Philosophy at the LMU in Munich and at King\'s College London, takes listeners through the history of philosophy, \"without any gaps.\" The series looks at the ideas, lives and historical context of the major philosophers as well as the lesser-known figures of the tradition. www.historyofphilosophy.net




episode 81: HoP 318 - Oliver Primavesi on Greek Manuscripts

Peter's Munich colleague Oliver Primavesi tells us how Greek manuscripts are used to establish the text of authors like Aristotle.



episode 80: HoP 317 - Made by Hand - Byzantine Manuscripts

Without handwritten copies produced by Byzantine scribes, we would know almost nothing about ancient philosophy. How and why were they made?



episode 79: HoP 316 - Just Measures - Law, Money, and War in Byzantium

Legal and economic thought in Byzantium: the sources of the law’s authority, the relation of church and civil law, just price, and just war.


 2019-01-13  22m

episode 78: HoP 315 - Wiser Than Men - Gender in Byzantium

The role of women in Byzantine society and the complex attitudes surrounding eunuchs: did they make up a “third gender”?


 2018-12-30  20m

episode 77: HoP 314 - Katerina Ierodiakonou on Byzantine Commentaries

A chat about commentaries on Aristotle from Byzantium with guest Katerina Ierodiakonou.


 2018-12-16  30m

episode 76: HoP 313 - Queen of the Sciences - Anna Komnene and her Circle

Princess Anna Komnene makes good use of her political retirement by gathering a circle of scholars to write commentaries on Aristotle.


 2018-12-02  20m

episode 75: HoP 312 - Past Masters - Byzantine Historiography

The larger meaning of history in the chronicles written by Michael Psellos, Michael Attaleiates, Anna Komnene, and Niketas Choniates.


 2018-11-18  19m

episode 74: HoP 311 - The Elements of Style - Rhetoric in Byzantium

Psellos and other experts in rhetoric explore how this art of persuasion relates to philosophy.


 2018-11-04  19m

episode 73: HoP 310 - Purple Prose - Byzantine Political Philosophy

Byzantine political thought from the time of Justinian down to the Palaiologos dynasty wrestles with the nature and scope of imperial power.


 2018-10-21  23m

episode 72: HoP 309 - Hooked on Classics - Italos and the Debate over Pagan Learning

The trial of John Italos and other signs of Byzantine disquiet with the pagan philosophical tradition.


 2018-10-07  19m