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Horror Movie Talk is an opinionated and accidentally funny horror movie review show. New theatrical releases always get priority, but we also review older horror movies both good and horror-ble.


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The End of Horror Movie Talk (?)

David is stepping away from Horror Movie Talk, and we are going on an indefinite hiatus. Listen to our announcement special episode for more information.


 September 30, 2023  34m

The Terminator Review

James Cameron's sci-fi time travel masterpiece is also an iconic monster movie for horror fans. Listen to us discuss the OG Terminator. Synopsis The Terminator is about a machine that terminates. But it’s not bugs like you’d think,


 September 27, 2023  1h20m

Asteroid City Review

Wes Anderson has made a new film, just like the old films, and you will probably chuckle at it and be delighted like the smug little shit that you are. @dgoebel00 on Instagram provided this amazing artwork.


 September 20, 2023  1h25m

Final Destination Review with Fart Simpson

Which Final Destination you ask? Don't worry about it. Lets just say that it's mostly about the first one. Synopsis Alex (don’t call him a psychic) Browning along with 40 other high school students board a plane to Paris for a school ...


 September 13, 2023  1h17m

Talk To Me Review with Jordyn Wilson

In A24's newest horror movie, we get the expected mix of horror, dread, and emotion that you expect with the brand. Synopsis Talk to Me is about a young group of friends who get wrapped into the latest social media trend: demonic possessi...


 September 6, 2023  2h4m

Willy’s Wonderland Review

Willy’s Wonderland can be found on Hulu right now, but who knows once this comes out. Synopsis Willy’s Wonderland follows a nameless cool guy in sunglasses played by Nic Cage as he stumbles into an intricate and deadly trap involving a de...


 August 30, 2023  1h13m

Shutter (2004) Review with Dustin Goebel

Does this Shutter make you shudder? I'll see myself out... Synopsis After a night out with friends, a photographer named Tun and his girlfriend Jane are driving home when they accidentally hit a woman in the street.


 August 23, 2023  1h9m

Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves Review

Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves is a fun, action/comedy that makes you wonder why it took so long to get a decent D&D movie made. @dgoebel00 on Instagram provided this amazing artwork. Follow him and check out his website.


 August 16, 2023  1h27m

Barbie Review

Come on Barbie let's go cry, oh oh no. Synopsis Barbie is about a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world Life in plastic, it's fantastic That’s until she starts having intrusive thoughts of death,


 August 9, 2023  1h42m

Renfield Review with Guest Host Erin Hanson

Is it a horror movie or an action movie? It doesn't matter, Nic Cage turns in one of the best performances of his career. Synopsis Renfield tells the story of Count Dracula’s titular servant struggling to become self actualized in mod...


 August 2, 2023  1h26m