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Horror Movie Talk is an opinionated and accidentally funny horror movie review show. New theatrical releases always get priority, but we also review older horror movies both good and horror-ble.


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The Exorcist II: The Heretic Review with Sydney Lee

Who possessed these filmmakers to make one of the worst sequels of all time? The Exorcist 2 is a befuddling mess that bears no resemblance to the original. Synopsis In this sequel to the Exorcist, Father Lamont, played by Richard Burton,



Thanksgiving Review with Kyle Nolan

Why make the feature length version of a beloved fake trailer when you can make a watered down Blumhouse-style remake? Synopsis Plymouth, Mass the indigenous home of the pilgrims is beset by a mysterious Thanksgiving-inspired killer.



It’s a Wonderful Knife Review With Carl Swan

In this follow up to Freaky, writer Michael White takes on the Christmas classic It's a Wonderful Life in this disappointing horror sendup. Synopsis In the sleepy town of Angel Falls, Winnie Caruthers kills a rampaging masked killer and ...



Insidious Review with Max Allen

Insidious is the scary origin story of Darth Maul. Listen as Bryce and Max dissect this modern classic. Synopsis Insidious is a movie about the lambert family, Josh played by Patrick Wilson and his wife Renae played by Rose Byrne who i lo...



Five Nights at Freddy’s Review With Max Allen

Some would say it's too early to remake, Willy's Wonderland. But whenever I say that, 10 year-olds yell at me unintelligibly. Synopsis Many remakes end up outshining the original, like John Carpenter’s The Thing and Cronenberg's The F...



Hiatus Update

Just a short "episode" to give some updates to my thinking and confirm that I am planning on coming back.


 2023-10-11  n/a

The ‘Burbs Review

The Burbs is a great movie Synopsis Cool guy has chill day Review Dope AF Score 9/10


 2023-10-04  1h29m

The End of Horror Movie Talk (?)

David is stepping away from Horror Movie Talk, and we are going on an indefinite hiatus. Listen to our announcement special episode for more information.


 2023-09-30  34m

The Terminator Review

James Cameron's sci-fi time travel masterpiece is also an iconic monster movie for horror fans. Listen to us discuss the OG Terminator. Synopsis The Terminator is about a machine that terminates. But it’s not bugs like you’d think,


 2023-09-27  1h20m

Asteroid City Review

Wes Anderson has made a new film, just like the old films, and you will probably chuckle at it and be delighted like the smug little shit that you are. @dgoebel00 on Instagram provided this amazing artwork.


 2023-09-20  1h25m