Hysteria 51

Hysteria 51 is a weekly podcast that takes an every-man approach to the World of the Weird - UFOs, Aliens, Mysteries, Conspiracies, the Paranormal, the Unusual, and the Unexplained. Hosts Brent Hand, David Flora, and Conspiracy Bot (a cranky robot bent on world domination who also happens to be the show’s head researcher) examine a different topic each week and generally come to one conclusion…the truth is out there, but you won’t find it here.


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CAFEteria 51: Mexican Sweets | BONUS

Alright, we eat so sketchy stuff on here, so time for a treat for ourselves. It's not insects or the feet of fowl for once. No, we head back down south this CAFEteria 51 to try some of the sweets our neighbors to the south have to offer for Mexican Sweets Week. Support the show: https://www.patreon.com/Hysteria51 See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


 2021-08-30  20m

Remembering Norm Macdonald | Bonus

Listen Up meatsacks, Conspiracy Bot here. This weeks episode is coming out on Tuesday, not Monday. Today we go dark so I can honor the only meatsack that was worth my respect, Norm Macdonald. Do yourself a favor and Go watch Dirty Work. Go listen to his podcast. Go watch his stand up. He was funny to the end, kept his sickness a secret, and even joked about it in his standup. He was the best of the best and will truly be missed...


 2021-09-20  2m

Baby Time! | Bonus

No episode this week as John welcomes his new baby girl into the world, but we will all be back next week. Until then enjoy some awesome sounds from Majungas with their song Nazca Lines. And Huge thanks to Majungas for our music! You can follow them at: https://www.majungas.com/ https://www.instagram.com/majungastheband/ https://twitter.com/Majungastheband https://www.facebook.com/majungas https://open.spotify.com/album/065UKiYTMYq7xRiEEWP1zI https://www.youtube...


 2021-10-11  4m

Mad Blurry Hysteria: Halloween Edition | Bonus

All three of us idiots are back this week for Mad Blurry Hysteria nonsense.  This week we talk fine real-estate with the Nightmare on Elm Street House for sale, Aztec Black Mirror shenanigans, and Cocaine Hippos…. They are as fun as the sound.  News Stories Mentioned: Nightmare House For Sale Spirit Mirror Cocaine Hippos Follow the Shows: Mad Scientist - https://www.themadscientistpodcast.com/ Blurry Photos - http://www.blurryphotos.org/ Hysteria 51 - http://hysteria51...


 2021-10-28  27m

Thanksgiving Flashback | BONUS

It's Thanksgiving time here in the Lower 4th Dimension. That means time for reflection, and we have just the reflection in mind. This week we fire up the way-back machine to travel to the pre-pandemic utopia that was 2015 for our very first time recording a podcast EVER!  This was just a test to see if we could have a back and forth and keep a conversation flowing over different topics. And, it is ROUGH!!! And unedited! And terrible! We talk a little bit of everything here.....


 2021-11-29  2h29m


Here is something new as a treat for you to help celebrate Ghostbusters: Afterlife! Need some sweet ASMR action to sooth you to sleep? We found the sound that fits in with H51 and is awesome!  What the heck is ASMR you ask? Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR), sometimes also called auto sensory meridian response is a tingling sensation that typically begins on the scalp and moves down the back of the neck and upper spine. A pleasant feeling from some audio or visual triggers...


 2021-12-03  1h0m

Mad Blurry Hysteria | BONUS

From Australia to Cahokia IL to the Fox News Studios, this week we make the rounds! Brent talks Somertan Man DNA, David brings us news of the past with the Cahokia Mound builders’ disappearance, and Chris swears your burgers are safe! News Stories Mentioned: Somertan Man DNA Shenanigans Mound Business Fox Burger Whoopsie Follow the Shows: Mad Scientist - https://www.themadscientistpodcast.com/ Blurry Photos - http://www.blurryphotos.org/ Hysteria 51 - http://hysteria51...


 2021-12-14  41m

Mad Blurry Hysteria | BONUS

Rats, minor league baseball, space travel, sabretooth cats, the us government… We are touching on all the hot topics this week on Mad Blurry Hysteria!  News Stories Mentioned: That’s A Huge Cat Bye Bye EmDrive Government UAP Shenanigans Follow the Shows: Mad Scientist - https://www.themadscientistpodcast.com/ Blurry Photos - http://www.blurryphotos.org/ Hysteria 51 - http://hysteria51.com/   Intro/Outro Music: Graveyard Shift: Kevin MacLeod (incompetech...


 2021-12-20  42m

Alien Theorists Theorizing w/ The Cisco UFO Encounter | BONUS

It's another switcheroo week on Hysteria 51 as the boys from Canada take over to tell the tale of Donald Shrum and the Cisco UFO Encounter The Cisco UFO Encounter In 1964, then 26-year-old Donald Shrum, with two of his close friends, traveled up into the Sierra Nevada mountain range of Northeastern California. Known to history as “Gold Country” the mountains not only possess rich mineral variety but also boast an impressive abundance of plant and animal life...


 2021-12-22  1h40m

New Years 2022: War of the Worlds | BONUS

Happy New Year! And as a New year's tradition here on H51, we ring in the year with a old time radio drama.  This year Orson Welles is on tap for the War of the Worlds, the broadcast the sent the world into panic! Show Description Astronomers report seeing several large explosions of incandescent gas on the surface of the planet Mars. A large meteor is then described to have landed somewhere in the New Jersey farmland...


 2022-01-03  59m