Music industry survivors Courtney Anderson & Amy Linden talk pop culture, drop science & suffer no fools. Part of Pantheon Podcasts.

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episode 6: Episode Seven: And The Beat Goes On

On episode seven of ImmaLetYouFinish Courtney & Amy swoon over Dua Lipa, talk chicken and investigate Meghan McCain’s Boriqua roots... or not.


 November 14, 2019  1h0m

episode 5: Episode Six: Music Continued & Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 2020

On this episode of ImmLetYouFinish Courtney and Amy get back to their roots and wax on wax off about the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Luther, Gwen and Harry Styles.


 October 16, 2019  1h2m

episode 4: Episode Five: Music

It’s musical chairs! On this installment of immaLetYouFinish Courtney and Amy dig in the crates to (finally) talk about all the groovy tunes they love now and loved then.


 September 24, 2019  1h4m

episode 3: Episode Four: Men Still Behaving Badly

On the latest episode of ImmaLetYouFinish Courtney and Amy break down the summer of our discontent by looking at Jeffrey Epstein, Walmart’s gun policy and how De La Soul got screwed.


 August 12, 2019  59m

episode 2: Episode Three: Summer TV

On the latest episode of Immletyoufinish Courtney and Amy take control of the remote and talk Monterey 5, ball room realness & the genius of Jane the Virgin.


 July 18, 2019  39m

episode 1: Episode Two: Men Behaving Badly

On this episode of ImmaLetYouFinish, Courtney and Amy smash the patriarchy, mourn the Knicks, discuss men behaving badly & Courtney’s inexplicable fear of a certain girl from the block.


 July 15, 2019  1h0m

Episode One: Music, Politics & Madonna

Two Native New Yorkers with some shit to say.


 June 13, 2019  54m