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episode 15: Episode Sixteen: It's Rona, Pandemic If You're Nasty

On episode sixteen of ImmaLetYouFinish (recorded on iPhones & dixie cups) Courtney & Amy stay six feet apart and talk about staying safe, staying aware and staying away from Joe Exotic.


 March 29, 2020  58m

episode 14: Episode Fifteen: Al Diaz

On episode fifteen of ImmaLetYouFinish Courtney & Amy are joined by graffiti legend Al Diaz and discuss women in politics, hand sanitizer and everything 80s.


 March 13, 2020  1h6m

episode 13: Episode Fourteen: Dems We Have A Problem

On the lucky fourteenth episode of ImmaLetYouFinish Courtney & Amy celebrate protest music, offer free parenting tips and smack the Democrats upside the head.


 February 29, 2020  1h1m

episode 12: Episode Thirteen: We Are The World

On ImmaLetYouFinish Episode thirteen Courtney & Amy recap the Grammys, retry Trump and shine a light on world beat artists who make our hearts sing even if we can't understand what they're saying.


 February 15, 2020  1h5m

episode 11: Episode Twelve: A UK Soul Vibe

On episode twelve of ImmaLetYouFinish... Amy & Courtney break down the breakdown at the Grammys, wax ecstatic over Pet Shop Boys and salute the grooves of 90s UK Soul.


 January 30, 2020  1h1m

episode 10: Episode Eleven: We still love freestyle.

On episode eleven of ImmaLetYouFinish... Courtney & Amy are together forever and get lost in emotion about Sussex Royal, Oprah, album art and the glory of Latin Freestyle.


 January 15, 2020  1h4m

episode 9: Episode Ten: Where were you when...

On Episode 10 of ImmaLetYouFinish... Courtney & Amy get into the Beyonce groove and bid the year and the decade farewell with some of our fave tunes; at least the ones we can remember's been a rough year.


 December 30, 2019  1h9m

episode 8: Episode Nine: Starlite, star bright...

On the 9th episode of ImmaLetYouFinish, Courtney & Amy sit down with special guest Tammy Faye Starlite and discuss Jews that pass, NY teams that suck and the legacies of Marianne, Nico and... Halsey?


 December 14, 2019  1h6m

episode 7: Episode Eight: We Be Cold Chillin'

On episode 8 of ImmaLetYouFinish Courtney & Amy welcome our first guest author Ben Merlis. Listen in delight as we chop it up about punk rock roots, Cold Chillin' Records and the oooollld Indian rope trick.


 November 30, 2019  1h4m

episode 6: Episode Seven: And The Beat Goes On

On episode seven of ImmaLetYouFinish Courtney & Amy swoon over Dua Lipa, talk chicken and investigate Meghan McCain’s Boriqua roots... or not.


 November 14, 2019  1h0m