Inclusion Bites

Inclusion Bites is a podcast series where Joanne Lockwood interviews some pretty amazing people and simply has a conversation around the subject of inclusion, belonging and generally making the world a better place for everyone to thrive in. Please subscribe to be notified of new episodes and if you would like to be a guest on the show then please make contact. Plug in your headphones, grab a decaf and listen in for a little bite of inspiration. #inclusionbites

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episode 45: Living on the Edge

Ever since Andi can remember they have always looked at the edges, at those people who haven't quite fitted in and now feels that they also occupy that space - "on the edge"


 2021-09-16  1h7m

episode 44: Losing the Labels

As a woman Briana was taught at a very young age how to avoid harassment and certain labels. As a woman of colour that is amplified by showing you how to scale back your ethnic personality to avoid being seen as ignorant, confrontational or aggressive.


 2021-09-09  n/a

episode 43: Freedom for Everybody

Lulu was a criminal defence lawyer for 11 years prior to coaching and empowering women to come to the forefront in society as an asset and not as a weakness.


 2021-09-02  1h3m

episode 42: Being a woman in a man’s world

Mandy Hickson is a former Royal Air Force Tornado GR4 pilot, now keynote speaker and author of the best selling book an officer not a gentleman, D&I is incredibly important to her and she feels we still have some way to go


 2021-08-26  1h1m

episode 41: Creating a level playing field so every human can be inspired

Mindy encourages people to be more thoughtful in their conversations, interactions and the way they show up in the world. This includes putting more thought' into 'thought leadership'.


 2021-08-19  59m

episode 40: Rediscovering lost knowledge

Peter speaks to organisations who let their most valuable resource slip through their fingers, and what they can do about it through knowledge recognition and risk assessment.


 2021-08-12  1h0m

episode 39: Viewing gender through a fresh perspective

Respect is Antoinette's No.1 value and she has an allergic reaction each time she witnesses someone being disrespected. She believes that everyone deserves to be who they are and everyone deserves to be heard.


 2021-08-05  1h9m

episode 38: Secrets from the habitologist

Tony Winyard is mixed race but everyone thinks he is white and it's resulted in situations where he's discovered some people's true thoughts on racism rather than the face they show to the world


 2021-07-29  n/a

episode 37: Homes for Heroes

Mushtaq Khan is passionate about tackling inequality, giving people the best chance in life through helping the social housing sector become more inclusive through leadership and governance, community services and workforce development.


 2021-07-22  1h1m

episode 36: Freeing women from being prisoners of their pain

Diksha grew up in Uganda with Indian heritage and saw prejudice against the indigenous people first hand and then she herself became a refugee at the age of 15 and now wants to free all women from being prisoners of pain.


 2021-07-15  57m