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Sorkin' In It 3.8: Nevada Day, Part 2 (Studio 60 Episode 8)

Nevada Day Part 1 defied our expectations… which meant we got our hopes up for Nevada Day Part 2. Will the light mix of casual homophobia, causal racism, and heavy belief beggaring win us over this time around? Or will we find more joy in discussing the correct pronunciation of Nevada? At least Lex has Brian, and Brian has Lex. And you’ve got both of us. Join us: We’re Sorkin’ In It together. - Lex Friedman and Brian Warren.



Vulcan Hello 87: "Whistlespeak" (Discovery S5E6)

What’s more Star Trek than violating the Prime Directive? This week’s “Discovery” episode feels familiar in a very good way. Jason defends Captain Burnham in imaginary Prime Directive court, but Judge Scott is not hearing it. Also, we spend a surprising amount of time wondering about how replicated food works. We blame Culber’s abuela. - Scott McNulty and Jason Snell.



Random Trek 260: "Genesis" (TNG) with James Thomson

James Thomson, the developer behind PCalc and Dice by PCalc (and other things), joins Scott to discuss "Genesis" (TNG S7E19). Topics include the many similarities between James and Neil Diamond, Blockbuster Video, and dubious science in this episode. - Scott McNulty with James Thomson.



Biff! 201: Tiny Size Super Hero Sweep

With Dan away for the week John and Guy fumble their way through a brief look at whats on deck in superhero land. - Dan Moren, John Moltz and Guy English.



Total Party Kill 447: A Showoff Assassin

Candlekeep - The Price of Beauty, Part 7



Free the Squee 9: Permission to Squee (Especially in Sweden)

Cowboy Carter, first times, and embracing the joy of fandom.



Robot or Not? 286: Dishwashing Methods

A tale of dishwashers and large sinks. - John Siracusa and Jason Snell.



A Complicated Profession 80: The Bad Batch S3E14: "Flash Strike"

The penultimate episode of The Bad Batch has somehow both a lot going on and maybe not enough? Your Star Wars pals are here to discuss turbolifts unsafe for children, robot hands and, of course, proximity sensors. Lucasfilm - Dan Moren, Tony Sindelar and K Benesh.



Vulcan Hello 86: "Mirrors" (Discovery S5E5)

At long last, this episode of “Star Trek: Discovery” answers the question fans have been asking about for decades: What’s under that Breen helmet? Wait, was that not your question? How about some backstory for this season’s antagonists? No? You wanted to know more juicy details about the Mirror Universe? Well, we don’t know what to tell you. Look in the mirror. We did. - Scott McNulty and Jason Snell.



Sorkin' In It 3.7: Nevada Day, Part 1 (Studio 60 Episode 7)

Uh oh. It’s the Nevada episode. This is the one Lex was worried about before he and Brian started rewatching Studio 60. And it’s the first half of a two parter. But… maybe it wasn’t as bad as Lex remembered? It has John Goodman. It has time travel storytelling. How bad could it be? Only way to find out? Start Sorkin’ in it. - Lex Friedman and Brian Warren.