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Friends in Your Ears 86: Amanda G and William Wellman

Join Amanda and William as they take Kathy into an unapologetically queer journey of fantastical stories, seedy crimes, entertaining performances, and hilarious jokes, plus the always despotic FIYE Bonus. Theme Music by Christopher and Adelaide Breen Edited by Dear Podcast Incomparable Memberships!: Sign up, help support this show, and get some fun bonus material. - Host Kathy Campbell with Amanda G and William Wellman.



Agents of SMOOCH 65: Sniped Again

Romance and Dessert Draft Revisited




Somehow I Manage 137: Marry Me Will You Be? (S7E19)

"I'm asking Holly a question in fire."



Biff! 105: What If...? S1E5 / Stargirl S2E5 / Legends of Tomorrow S6E15

What If...?, Season 1, Episode 5 / Stargirl, Season 2, Episode 5 / Legends of Tomorrow, Season 6, Episode 15



Sophomore Lit 118: Spoon River Anthology

Spoon River…wider than a mile. Okay, now that we have that out of our way, join Lisa Schmeiser as we discuss Edgar Lee Master’s poetic collection *Spoon River Anthology *(1915). - Host John McCoy with Lisa Schmeiser.



Magnum, podcast 50: "Tigers Fan" (S8E4)

We wrap up another season of “Magnum, podcast” with another episode about death. It’s Tanaka’s final episode, and what an unsatisfying conclusion it is. But there’s a Jan Hammer-style musical montage, and machine guns, and other things that remind us of “Miami Vice” and not “Magnum, p.i.” Fortunately, there’s also T.C. and Thomas debating the merits of baseball. We could watch that all day...



TeeVee 720: Doctor Crichton, I Presume? (Farscape S1E13-14)

Eric and Jason continue their rewatch of every episode of Farscape. This means that sometimes you watch some that are good and sometimes some that are not so good. First up, the mostly not good “The Flax”. Where Aeryn and John finally reveal their true feelings for one another (the good) and the rest of the crew do things we don’t really care about (the not-so-good). We wrap it up with “Jeremiah Crichton”. We didn’t dislike it as much as the cast and crew apparently did...



Watchers of the Plus 15: What if Shang Chi was...?

It has been too long, and Moze and Sam made up for it on this one. We took a look at the latest two episodes of “What if…?” just to make sure that the cartoon universes are stable. Then Sam makes a full-on sales call to convince Moze that the newest MCU film is better than what has come before. Both watchers also went down two very different streams to find some fixed points that might be worth your time. - Host Sam Adams and Philip Mozolak.



Robot or Not? 216: Grocery Robot Swarm

If robots at a grocery-store warehouse works in tandem, are they robots? If they have a hive mind, are they still robots? - Host John Siracusa and Jason Snell.