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Sophomore Lit 114: Dracula

Please invite in Jelani Lee and Matt Skuta to discuss Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1897). We can’t start until you do. - Host John McCoy with Jelani Sims and Matt Skuta.




Total Party Kill 299: Rosethorn, Part 3

This episode has dead goblins, fake goblins, fake reunions with real live goblins, and a sinister puppetmaster at the heart of it all. “Rosethorn” continues with explosive action and surprising heart! Or is that explosive heart and surprising action? One of those. - Host Tony Sindelar with Guy English, Aleen Simms, Kathy Campbell, Mikah Sargent, Dan Moren and Steve Lutz.



Robot or Not? 211: Rules for Watching TV

Do you always start watching at the beginning? And do you have to watch till the end? - Host John Siracusa and Jason Snell.





Recently Read 64: "The Man on the Street" by Trevor Wood

Antony recommends a crime novel that’s already won multiple awards, and which he considers one of the most accomplished debuts he’s read. - Host Antony Johnston.



TeeVee 714: TeeVee Sub-Show Update

We’ve moved many of the shows that used to live in the TeeVee feed into their own feeds and removed them from the TeeVee feed. If you use the main TeeVee feed to listen to shows about Westworld, Doctor Who, Ted Lasso, The Mandalorian, Star Trek Discovery, Arrow, and WandaVision, those shows aren’t in the TeeVee feed anymore. They still exist! You just need to subscribe to them directly...



Football is Life 6: "Two Aces" Rewatch (S1E6)

Football is Life! It’s a lesson taught to us by enthusiastic striker Dani Rojas, who is a refreshing change of pace from Jamie Tartt—until the long time curse of the training room rears its head! Put your prized possessions in the bin so we can set them on fire. - Host Moisés Chiullan with Keir Hansen, Casey Liss and Aleen Simms.



Friends in Your Ears 80: CJ Higgins and Liz Serna

What happens when you start recording a podcast before you’ve ever listened to one? Find out on this special FIYE episode with our guests, CJ Higgins and Liz Serna. Plus, hang around for the secret weird things they do in the FIYE Bonus. Theme Music by Christopher and Adelaide Breen Edited by Dear Podcast Incomparable Memberships!: Sign up, help support this show, and get some fun bonus material. - Host Kathy Campbell with CJ Higgins and Liz Serna.