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Biff! 200: Ep: 200: X-Men: Origins: Wolverine

It is episode 200 of everyone’s beloved super-hero TV shows, movies, and dumb jokes podcast — BIFF! This week we tackle X-Men Origins: Wolverine. In which things happen to our hero rougjly in sequence until the end where he forgets them all. As a special episode two hundred treat we quickly revisit the various shows we’ve watched over the years and give a few briefs thoughts about each. Biff has a been great fun for all of us and we’d like to thank you all for reading along and being true Biffs...



Sorkin' In It 3.5: The Long Lead Story (Studio 60 Episode 5)

Lauren Graham hosts Studio 60 (but we barely see her). Christine Lahti plays a reporter and we see more of her (a Lahti of her? Is that a thing?). We get a lot of Matt/Harriet star-crossed romance (yawn). But we do get a lotta lute (which is fun to say, try it!). Meanwhile Jordan passes on a surefire hit, and we’re still shipping her and Danny (the kids still call it shipping, right?). Anyway, it’s a new Sorkin’ In It (yay!). - Lex Friedman and Brian Warren.



The Incomparable Mothership 711: Creepy Bone Owl

"The Fragile Threads of Power"




Random Trek 259: "Things Past" (DS9) with David J. Loehr

David J Loehr, writer and podcaster, joins Scott to discuss “Things Past” (DS9 S5E8). Topics include the lack of Neelix, Odo’s tortured soul, and the creepy uncanny vibe that allows for effective, and cheap, Star Trek episodes. Next on Random Trek: “Genesis” (TNG S7E19) with James Thomson. - Scott McNulty with David J. Loehr.



Vulcan Hello 84: "Jinaal" (Discovery S5E3)

This week Burnham and Book take another hike to find a clue; Tilly explains to Rayner that he’s not on his old “Star Trek” show anymore; Saru tumbles into a Ni’Varian episode of “Veep”; and Gray and Adira go their separate ways, worlds apart. It’s all about connections, you see. And this episode connects Scott and Jason to each other, and both of them to you. See, we’re going with the Disco flow. - Scott McNulty and Jason Snell.




Game Show 228: Opossum My Possum

Random Pursuit XXXIV



Total Party Kill 444: Marinara Mimosa

Candlekeep - The Price of Beauty, Part 4



A Complicated Profession 78: The Bad Batch S3E10-11: "Identity Crisis / Point of No Return"

It’s a one-two punch in the gut this week, as your Star Wars pals Dan, Tony, and Kat convene to talk the latest Bad Batch double feature. We discuss how we know the Empire are the bad guys, starship parking caves, and real downers. Plus a quick discussion of the recently announced Tales of the Empire mini-series. Lucasfilm - Dan Moren, Tony Sindelar and K Benesh.