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Have you ever been puzzled by history? Did people really only live to 40? Maybe you’ve been puzzled how people survived before email, phones, cars or even proper roads?

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The Final Battle & the Mysterious Death of Frank Ryan (Partisans IX)

This podcast, the second last in Partisans, looks at the battle of the Ebro - the last major showdown in the Spanish Civil War. While the show looks at how the war ended for the Irish fighters, it also tackles one of the great mysteries of the Spanish ...



Paradise Lost (Partisans VIII)

The enduring images of the Spanish Civil War depict armed fighters of one kind or another. This podcast, however, follows the story of a different Irish experience - that of Hannah Ormsby, an Irish nurse who arrived in Spain in the summer of 1937. The ...



The Bombing of Guernica & the War in the North (Partisans VII)

The most notorious incident of the Spanish Civil War was the bombing of Guernica by the Nazi Condor Legion. Immortalised by Pablo Picasso's painting it was the first time in world history carpet bombing was deployed against a civilian population. ...



Bleeding for Spain (Partisans VI)

This episode continues Partisans - Irish Stories from the Spanish Civil War. In this episode we follow the Irish in Spain into battle. This begins with campaigns in Andalusia and takes you through one of the most famous battle of entire war - Jarama. W...



The Blueshirts and the International Brigades (Partisans V)

This episode returns to the series Partisans - Irish stories from the Spanish Civil War. This show looks at the two groups of Irish fighters who traveled to Spain - the Irish Brigade better known as the Blueshirts and the antifascist International Brig...



Making a Martyr - the story of Oliver Plunkett

St Peter’s Church in Drogheda Co Louth contains what has to be one of the most unsettling religious relics on display anywhere in the world. This is the head of an Irish man - Oliver Plunkett - who was hanged drawn and quartered in London in 1681. For ...



Ireland's Deaf Community - A History

The Deaf community are rarely mentioned in general histories of Ireland. Prior to making this episode I knew almost nothing about their rich history. In this podcast I interview the historian Cormac Leonard from Trinity College Dublin. Cormac reveals t...



Irish History Quiz: Test Your Knowledge

How well do you know your Irish history? Nows the time to find out! In this podcast, I read out 63 history questions. As I read each question you select the correct answer from five options in the online answer sheet here


 2020-04-24  26m

1000 Years from Home

This show is 40 minutes of escapism from Covid-19. In the podcast I explore some of the history and historic places within two kilometres of my home in Kilkenny. This journey starts in the 19th century and takes you back 1,000 years. You will hear stor...


 2020-04-20  39m

A History of Epidemics in Ireland

Recently I discovered that my great great grandmother Catherine Murphy lost her sister and her daughter within two days of each other in February 1919 during the Great Flu pandemic. This highlighted how disease has long been part of our history. For th...


 2020-04-13  22m