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Have you ever been puzzled by history? Did people really only live to 40? Maybe you’ve been puzzled how people survived before email, phones, cars or even proper roads?

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An Irish Rebel in Spain (The War Begins) Partisans #4

In July 1936 Peadar O'Donnell, a veteran of the Irish war of Independence and civil war travelled to Spain on holiday. He was among those caught up in the opening stages of the Spanish Civil War. He witnessed the chaotic opening phase of the confl...



The Communist Partisan (Partisans III)

In this episode we continue the story of the Irish people who fought in the Spanish Civil War. Our focus turns to the life of Bob Doyle. A member of the IRA and later a communist his life explains why people went on to fight against fascism in Spain. B...



Partisans #2 Aileen O'Brien (Irish Stories from the Spanish Civil War)

This is the second episode in the series Partisans - Irish Stories from the Spanish Civil War. In this podcast we meet our first partisan Aileen O'Brien, a 22 year old Irish American who moved to Ireland in 1935. O'Brien was always a mysterio...



The long road to Stalingrad: The origins of the Spanish Civil War

This is the first episode of Partisans, a new weekly series created by myself and Stewart Reddin. While the series focuses on the experiences of Irish people in the Spanish Civil War, this episode sets the scene. It explains the backdrop of the Spanish...



Rescuing History: The Four Courts Explosion

**My new weekly series 'Partisans: Irish Stories from the Spanish Civil War' launches on Monday Nov 18th** This bonus show looks at a famous event that haunts Irish history - the Four Courts Explosion. In June 1922 during the opening phase ...



The Partisans are coming!

On November the 18th my new podcast series 'Partisans' begins. Created by mysef and Stewart Reddin it looks at the fascinating stories of Irish people who fought in Spanish Civil War. Tune in to find out more... Thanks to Keith Hynes for the ...


 2019-10-30  4m

The Mater Hospital: Where History is Made

The Mater Hospital in Dublin first opened its doors in 1861. It has a fascinating although often forgotten history. From using cocaine as pain relief in the 19th century to treating the wounded of the 1916 Rising, the hospital has always been a fascina...


 2019-10-21  50m

Muriel McSwiney: A Forgotten Revolutionary

Muriel McSwiney is a fascinating if tragic and forgotten figure in Irish history. Born in 1892 into one of Cork's wealthiest families, she rejected the privilege this life offered her. She first became a radical republican playing a key role in th...


 2019-10-11  31m

Winners & Losers - How the Great Hunger Ended

'Winners & Losers' looks at the how the Great Famine came to an end. It's set to the backdrop of a News Year's Eve Ball held in Kilkenny Castle on December 31st 1850. The castle was home to the Marquis & Marchioness of Ormon...


 2019-09-19  32m

Jack the Ripper & Irish Connections

Jack the Ripper brutally murdered five women in the Whitechapel area of London in the Autumn of 1888. While his identity remains a mystery, these murders have haunted our imaginations ever since. The case has spawned an entire industry with countless b...


 2019-09-02  32m