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The last episode looked at the unusual history of the Iniskea Islands in the 19th Century. This podcast, available only to show patrons, continues the story into the 20th Century culminating in the collapse in the island population. Between 1926 and 1936 the population fell by 95%. This show looks at how and why this happened.Become a supporter & access dozens of exclusive podcastsPatreon 2023 Update - New Walking Tour ????I am thrilled to announce my brand new walking tour in Ireland's oldest city, Waterford. Join me and explore 1,000 years of history from the Vikings to Cromwell & Strongbow to the Irish Revolution.  Enhanced by wireless headsets ???? you will hear the sounds of the city through the ages and the words of the people who made history in Waterford. Tours take place each Saturday and places are strictly limited to 15 people. Book your place today at*New Book: A Lethal Legacy - A History of Ireland in 18 Murders *My new book A Lethal Legacy - A History of Ireland in 18 Murders is available for Pre-Order now...

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Addiction in Irish History

At the turn of the 20th century alcoholism was a major problem in Irish society. The island had 17,300 pubs while around 40% of all prison sentences were alcohol related. There was a general sense alcohol addiction was out of control. The stereotype of the happy-go-lucky drunk certainly masked the reality of the Irish alcoholism.

In this podcast I explore addiction in Ireland at the turn of the 20th century by focusing on the life of one woman - the Sligo native Sarah Garvey...



The Origin Story of 'A Lethal Legacy'

Every book has an origin story. My new book ‘A Lethal Legacy – A History of Ireland in 18 Murders’ is no different. While the book goes on sale today, the origin story goes back to 2015 when I found a trove of old letters belonging to a grandmother I never knew.

Tune in to find out more.




The Cork tsunami & other historic natural disasters

This podcast looks at forgotten story of the tsunami that hit Cork in 1755, the volcanic winter of 1816 and a meteor that was way to close for comfort in 1908. Although they dont feature prominently in history, they had huge impact at the time.

Articles referenced in the show

A seismic tsunami in the Irish annals, recorded at Iona in October 720

Folklore about the Cork tsunami http://www.deepmapscork...



The First Modern Royal Visit to Ireland

In 1821 George IV was the first British monarch to visit Ireland in modern times. It was a historic occasion for multiple reasons. Not only was he the first king to set foot on Irish soil since the 17th century but he was the first to do so without an army.

Many held out hope the king's arrival might usher in a new era in Irish history.

However George himself had other ideas. Beginning as he meant to continue, George was dead drunk on arrival...



A Broken People: The Survivors of the Great Hunger

The Great Hunger left deep scars on the Irish society. Many of those who survived the 1840s never fully survived the harrowing ordeal they had endured. They were traumatised in body and spirit. For the rest of their lives, they carried the physical and psychological injuries the Great Hunger inflicted on them.

This podcast follows the life one of the last survivors in Dublin - Catherine Mulhern...


 2023-08-30  34m

The Brighton Bombing - the attempt to kill Margaret Thatcher

In 1984, the Conservative Party, lead by the British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, gathered in the seaside town of Brighton for their annual conference. In the early hours of October 12th a bomb ripped through the Grand Hotel where Thatcher and several other conservative leaders were staying.

The following day the Provisional IRA would claim responsibility for the attack. This triggered one of the largest manhunts in history...


 2023-08-23  50m

A Deep, Dark History. Bunmahon & the Copper Rush of the 19th Century

Bunmahon is an idyllic seaside town in Co Waterford but it has a deep dark history. It's a story that begins in an abandoned mine and ends in a search for a lost town...

Need I say more?

You can find out more about Bunmahon at the local visitor centre.

My upcoming book 'A Lethal Legacy - A History of Ireland in 18 Murders' will be released on September 14th 2023. 

Pre-Order at Easons today and get 10% off when you use the coupon code FD10 https://www...


 2023-08-16  41m

Jack the Ripper: Irish Connections [From the Archives]

This episode was originally released in 2019. Over the past week I was recording the audio version of 'A Lethal Legacy - A History of Ireland in 18 Murders' so I didnt have time to prepare a new episode but this is worth a relisten! Normal service resumes next week.

“In the later half 1888 London was gripped by fear when five women were murdered within a few months of each other in the East End of the city...


 2023-08-02  29m

Taking the Hard Road - Edward O’Rourke & opposing Hitler

As I mention in the episode I am recording the audio version of A Lethal Legacy - A History of Ireland in 18 Murders this week! Don't forget to pre-order at Easons and use the code FD10 to get 10% off!

Edward O’Rourke is not a name you expect to encounter in the history of Eastern Europe, yet he is a celebrated figure in the Polish city of Gdansk for the role he played in opposing the rise of the Nazis in the city in the 1930s...


 2023-07-26  28m

The Road to War - How the Irish Civil War Started

'The Road to War' is the first episode in a five part Irish History Podcast production on the Irish Civil War. The full series, exclusively available for supporters, features the leading Irish historian Dr Brian Hanley from Trinity College Dublin. Over the five episodes the series covers the full story of the Irish Civil War from the National Army assault on the Four Courts through to the IRA order to dump arms in 1923...


 2023-07-12  31m