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The last episode looked at the unusual history of the Iniskea Islands in the 19th Century. This podcast, available only to show patrons, continues the story into the 20th Century culminating in the collapse in the island population. Between 1926 and 1936 the population fell by 95%. This show looks at how and why this happened. See for privacy and opt-out information.

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Growing up Black & Irish - A personal history of Liverpool

Last month I recorded a show at the Liverpool Irish Festival with Teresa Hill. Teresa is really passionate about her fascinating family history. Her father from was from Freetown in Sierra Leone while her mother's family were from Ireland. 

In this interview Teresa spoke candidly about her life. She grew up in a Liverpool where racism was common and many Irish families ostracised mixed race family members...



Reprisals, Concentration Camps or ‘Indian measures’ - British paths to victory in 1921? (The War of Independence Part XXII)

Following on from the collapse of the Clune Peace talks in December 1920, the British Government adopted an even more aggressive attitude to the war. 

However as they prepared to escalate the conflict in 1921 some leading figures in the British military and political establishment suggested extreme measures. This episode reveals what were deeply alarming debates taking place about how the war should be escalated...



Peace, Partition & Christmas 1920 (The War of Independence Part XXI)

Over the last three episodes of the War of Independence Series, we saw the Republican movement demonstrate an ability and willingness to fight on despite recent setbacks. This episode looks at how the British authorities reacted to these developments. ...



The Irish History Summit January 2022 – Cultivating Ireland’s Historians of the Future

The Irish History Summit returns! Taking place on Saturday January 15th 2022 we have a great line up of historians and educational experts to prepare students for the Leaving Cert history exams. Headlining this year is the journalist and historian Leo ...



The Kilmichael Ambush & the Burning of Cork (The War of Independence XX)

Kilmichael is remembered as one of the most important and controversial battles in the War of Independence. This episodes explains what actually happened in this remote valley in Cork in late November 1920. The podcast also continues the wi...


 2021-11-01  31m

Bloody Sunday (The War of Independence part XIX)

November 21st, 1920 was one of the most violent days in the War of Independence. It has gone down in history as 'Bloody Sunday'. While this episode explains the days events, it also introduces the man who was arguably the most important repub...


 2021-10-25  29m

The Fernside Raid & the Execution of Kevin Barry (The War of Independence XVIII)

This is the first of three back-to-back episodes that will take us through one of the most critical periods of the war. The Autumn of 1920 witnessed an intensification of the conflict as British Crown forces began to get the upper hand on the ...


 2021-10-18  36m

The IRA Campaign in Britain (The War of Independence Part XVII)

Although frequently overlooked, the IRA and the wider republican movement in Britain played an important role during the War of Independence. While they were actively involved in gun running and several high profile jail breaks, their operations includ...


 2021-10-04  37m

Revolutionary Justice (The War of Independence Part XVI)

This episode introduces two forgotten but remarkable revolutionaries - Margaret and Rose Quinn. These two sisters operated a secret IRA prison from their home in a Dublin suburb. This was part of wider attempts to solve the problem of growing ...


 2021-09-27  32m

The War of Independence (Part XV) - Daily Life during the War

After a break of three months, the War of Independence Series finally returns! This episode takes you back to Ireland in the grip of war in 1920. Given it has been a while since the last War of Independence episode, this show eases you back into the st...


 2021-09-20  38m