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The last episode looked at the unusual history of the Iniskea Islands in the 19th Century. This podcast, available only to show patrons, continues the story into the 20th Century culminating in the collapse in the island population. Between 1926 and 1936 the population fell by 95%. This show looks at how and why this happened.  See for privacy and opt-out information.

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The History of the Knights Templar in Ireland

You've probably heard of the Knights but did you know they had a long history in Ireland lasting nearly two centuries? In this podcast I interview Maeve Callan, an expert on the history of the Templars in Ireland. Maeve details this intriguing s...



Kylemore Abbey - Life in a Victorian Mansion in Connemara

In this episode you will step back a century to experience life in a Victorian mansion. Kylemore Abbey is a stunning mansion located in the wilds of Connemara in the West of Ireland. While it hugs the shoreline of the remote Pollacappul lake, this st...



Sieges, Luxury and Servitude - A day in a 500 year old castle

What was it like to it live in a castle? Were they luxurious? How similar were they to modern houses?  Last week I visited Clara Castle and recorded an episode inside this 500 year old building. From toilets to secret chambers - castl...



The Black Death vs Covid-19: A social history of the pandemic

673 years ago in Kilkenny, a Franciscan Friar John Clyn wrote one of the most famous accounts of the Black Death in Ireland. In this episode I am joined by D.J. Walsh and Eoin Tabb, the hosts of the podcast Snugcast, to see how this account shapes up a...


 2021-06-28  36m

5000 year old tombs, Writers Block & Graveyards of Inspiration

I have writers block again, so I went on a hunt for inspiration in historic locations around Kilkenny. I ended up at a tomb that's over 5,000 years old where our ancestors did very very strange things....


 2021-06-20  23m

Terence MacSwiney's Hunger-Strike (The War of Independence XIV)

Through 1920 Terence MacSwiney became the most well known Irish republican across the world. Elected as Lord Mayor of Cork in March, he was arrested in August and began the longest hunger-strike in Irish history at the time. The story of this ...


 2021-06-14  33m

The Rebel County (the War of independence Part XIII)

Cork is known as the rebel county. From late 1919 it earned this adage as some of the most bitter fighting in the War of Independence took place in Cork city and county. This episode begins with the story of Eilis MacCurtain whose husband Toma...


 2021-05-31  33m

Belfast, Derry & the War in the North (the War of Independence XII)

The story of the War of Independence in the North of Ireland is often overlooked. This obscures the fact that Belfast was the most violent place in Ireland during the conflict. However it was a very different war when compared to the experience of othe...


 2021-05-24  34m

Women & the Irish Revolution - The War of Independence Part XI

In the latest installment of the War of Independence series I am joined by historian Liz Gills to talk about women and the Irish revolution. While numerous Irish women from revolutionaries to unionists have been covered in the series to date, in this f...


 2021-05-17  30m

The IRA on the Offensive - Easter 1920 (the War of Independence Part X)

As Easter approached in 1920 many politicians in Britain feared a major uprising in Ireland along the lines of the 1916 Rising. While the IRA had a major operation planned it was one that took the authorities off guard. Indeed the Spring of 1920 saw a ...


 2021-05-10  30m