A bi-weekly podcast dedicated to reviewing and discussing the incredible menagerie that makes up the creature feature / monster movie genre. Henry the Host is joined by various guests from various backgrounds ranging from the arts, sciences, and the day to day, to watch these movies and discuss the strengths and weakness seen in the class conflict of man vs monster and giving them a letter grade for your listening pleasures! Follow us on social media @ICFAMMPODCAST Main Episodes every other Friday. Patreon Episodes released when available. Access episodes and other goodies via our Patreon.

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episode 23: Patreon Episode-SPUTNIK (2020)

Biscuit returns from our last space venture as Henry, Nick Corda, Masha and Maara come to Soviet Russia to figure out a cosmonaut mystery! Its SPUTNIK (2020), our second Russian monster movie and does this film bring new chills to the alien genre, or...


 2021-05-07  2h20m

episode 22: Patreon Episode-FRIDAY THE 13th VI: JASON LIVES! (1986)

Twitter user YaboiShamoi aka Rob, brings together an episode that introduces Henry to the Friday the 13th Franchise! With returning guests H the Horror Historian and Michael of Kaijugroupiepod fame, everyone listens to the fresh takes Henry brings to...


 2021-05-03  2h6m

episode 21: Patreon Episode-LILY CAT (1987)

Biscuit sends Henry the Host, Lillie and new guest Riggz into space with an obscure Japanese animated film that looks , walks, and talks like something we are all familiar with but takes a unique and interesting twist that leads you to wonder: "Should...


 2021-04-30  2h25m

episode 20: Patreon Episode-KING COBRA (1999)

Derek returns with another Patreon Episode selection as Henry, Nathan aka Zimzilla and Denny Roth team up to solve the mystery of murders in small town USA and how the grandfather in 3 Ninjas died by one long awesome animatronic snake in the 1999...


 2021-04-26  1h56m

episode 19: Patreon Episode-ROTTWEILER (2004)

An episode a long time in the works, Amy aka monsterous_amalgamation finally brings to ICFAMMPodcast, the 2004 film ROTTWEILER! Henry the Host goes barking mad believing this film is an adaptation of Dante's Inferno while Jason of Talking During...


 2021-04-24  1h51m

episode 9: Ep.105-BAGI! THE MONSTER OF MIGHTY NATURE (1984)

We conclude When Earth Day Attacks 2021 with an obscure animated monster movie done by the legendary Japanese creator, Osamu Tezuka! Henry is joined by Stephanie (who is still new to the world of anime) as well as Rudy who runs My Pet Monster Girl on...


 2021-04-23  2h56m


What happens when Henry, Lillie, Ripley the evolutionary biologist / geologist and art fashion student Sophia who has never seen a Godzilla or Kong movie sit down to watch the 2021 cinematic success, GODZILLA VS KONG? Tune in to find out if this movie...


 2021-04-19  2h31m

episode 8: Ep.104-THE BEACH HOUSE (2019)

We start off our WHEN EARTH DAY ATTACKS 2021 series with exploring the SHUDDER exclusive, THE BEACH HOUSE (2019)! Henry the Host is joined by Jeff the Squid Guy as well as two new guests, Libby Flanagan who is a Biologist as well as sustainable...


 2021-04-09  1h59m

episode 41: ICFAKM-PACIFIC RIM (2013)

Hello and welcome commrades to IT CAME FROM A KAIJU MOVIE as Henry the Host talks about his beloved favorite kaiju film by his all the favorite director Del Toro as he discusses his admiration for this classic kaiju film as well as discuss some...


 2021-04-01  8m

episode 10: APEX -Official Pilot Trailer-

Nearly two decades in the making.  Henry the Host directs and produce the pilot for an upcoming Audiodrama project based on Henry's original giant monster concept APEX. "As the world looks on at a tragedy, Rick Winston lands in Singapore with a...


 2021-03-30  2m