It Came From a Monster Movie!

Your hosts with the mosts, Henry and Lillie, take you the listener through the weird, wild, and wonderful world of the movie genre of the "Creature Feature" as they are joined by a variety of guests from various backgrounds to find out which movie monsters are worth your time and which ones should be lost to time. Use the link below find all our social media, patreon and more! Main Episodes every other Monday Check out our Patreon for early content as bonus episodes!

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episode 34: Episode 4.13: GAMERA VS BARUGON (1966)

GAMERA STRIKES AGAIN!  Better late than never right! Check out this fun episode of ICFAMMPodcast as Henry and Lillie the Hosts are joined by a variety of guests like , , , and Caleb as, like a good joke showcase what a bunch of nerds,...



episode 37: Episode 4.13-ULTRAMAN THE NEXT / 2004

Do you still remember your childhood dreams about a silver shooting star? Henry and Lillie the Hosts end August with celebrating the super hero genre with one of the biggest hero names out there: ULTRAMAN! In honor of the rise of Ultraman in Western...


 2022-08-29  2h3m

episode 36: ICFAMMCommentary: ALIENS (1986)

Henry and Lillie the Hosts sit down and watch ALIENS (1986) during our SCOTUS vs the SPACE MONSTER where we raised funds for ! Sync up at minute 0:01 on your copy of ALIENS or just listen to our nonsense as we talk about women's rights, the usage of...


 2022-08-17  2h43m

episode 35: Episode 4.11-THE GHOST AND THE DARKNESS/1996

Herny and Lillie the Hosts once again set up an expedition to venture into Africa in this episode exploring a dramazation of a "natural history true crime" in the 1996 film, THE GHOST AND THE DARKNESS! Learn about what Val Kilmer and the Lions of...


 2022-08-15  2h27m

episode 36: Episode 4.10-PREDATOR /1987

IF IT BLEEDS, WE CAN KILL IT!  We start the month of August off with getting you the listener ready for the by going into the steam South American jungles of 1987 with the classic creature feature, PREDATOR! Like a bunch of commandos, Henry and...


 2022-08-01  2h55m

episode 36: ICFAMM Animated: Episode 6

Henry and Lillie the Host on this episdoe of ICFAMMAnimated watch and discuss the 2008 Cartnoon Network original series THE SECRET SATURDAYS! Cryptids and supernatural hijinks abound in this episode as we discuss that this show might have been a...


 2022-07-25  1h33m

episode 35: Episode 4.9: COWBOYS VS ALIENS / 2011

FIRST CONTACT IS OUR LAST STAND!  Yeehaw everyone! Saddle up with your hosts with the mosts, Henry and Lillie as they head out west with the likes of , and as they check out the film that could have been something but has oddly enough its own...


 2022-07-18  2h10m

episode 34: SASQUATCH OF JULY '22: HOAX (2019)

CELEBRATE THE ICFAMM TRADITION be honest at the time of release this is probably a better way to celeberate July 4th in the USofA then...the actual July 4th.....but anyways....ITS SASQAUTCH OF JULY!  Henry and Lillie the Hosts...


 2022-07-04  2h6m

episode 33: Episode 4.8: IN THE HEART OF THE SEA (2015)

Set sail on the high seas as we hop aboard the SS ICFAMMPODCAST as your captains, Henry and Lillie, take a crew consisting of returning guests Erica and Darcy as they go into the late 1800s to learn the tale of how Herman Melville came to create the...


 2022-07-04  1h59m

episode 1: ICFAMMCommentary: JURASSIC PARK (1993)

Its the first of its kind and won't be the last! A special full length teaser for something that Henry and Lillie the Hosts are cooking up in the podcast labs with ICFAMMCommentaries! Ever want to know what its like to watch a movie with us? Well...


 2022-06-29  2h11m