Everybody is Awful (Except You) with Jim Florentine

Barstool Sports presents Jim Florentine as the host of the Everybody is Awful (Except You) podcast. Jim has recorded six stand-up comedy albums and shot four full-length specials. On television Jim hosted 7 seasons of VH1 Classic's "That Metal Show" as well as lending his voice to the ground breaking "Crank Yankers". On radio Jim has been a regular on The Howard Stern show, the Opie & Anthony show and currently hosts his own program on Sirius. In addition Jim is a best selling author, world-renowned voice over talent, and has been featured in the film's "Beer League" with Artie Lange and "Trainwreck" with Amy Schumer. Subscribe now.


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Awful Slang Words Part 14

Jim tries to make sense of the new awful trendy slang words


 2017-09-11  57m

Jim Previews the Upcoming NFL Season

Jim previews the upcoming NFL Season


 2017-09-04  1h11m

Awful Inspirational Quotes Part 9

Jim dissects bad Inspirational Quotes


 2017-08-28  51m

Awful Dating Sites Part 6

Jim goes through some awful dating profiles online


 2017-08-21  54m

Awful T-Shirts Part 11

Jim rips apart corny t-shirts


 2017-08-14  43m

Awful Facebook Posts Part 25

Jim dissects dumb Facebook posts


 2017-08-06  1h5m

Jim is Joined by Comics Kate Quigley and Chad Zumock

Jim and his comic friends talk about their road trip together and dating


 2017-07-31  1h6m

Random Rants

Jim talks about gender reveal parties, fidget spinners and more.


 2017-07-24  1h1m

Awful Inspirational Quotes Part 8

Jim dissects bad inspirational quotes


 2017-07-17  51m

Awful 80's Songs

Jim discusses bad songs from the 80's played in stores


 2017-07-09  51m