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Brunch with Brent: Carl Richell

Brent sits down with Carl Richell, Founder and CEO of System76. We explore the people, passion, and culture behind the scenes, learn of young Carl, the early years of building a Linux-focused hardware business, how today System76 fuels a tiny piece of SpaceX, and more. Carl's Community Ask: Be Bold.


 2020-07-24  42m

Brunch with Brent: Philip Müller

Brent sits down with Philip Müller, Co-Founder and Lead Developer of Manjaro, and CEO at Manjaro GmbH & Co. KG. We explore the formation and evolution of Manjaro as a Linux distribution, the development of past and recent hardware partnerships, cross-distribution collaborations, and what's inspiring Philip in the next 5 years.


 2020-06-19  39m

Brunch with Brent: Kyle Rankin

Brent sits down with Kyle Rankin, Chief Security Officer and Vice President at Purism and former Tech Editor and columnist at Linux Journal. We explore his 10+ years with Linux Journal, as well as Purism's culture, ideals, product design and engineering philosophies, and more.


 2020-05-22  49m

Learning, Failing, and Hacking the Industry: Danny Akacki

Ell sits down with Danny Akacki to talk about infosec, his experience on the Blue Team, how PancakesCon got started, and more.


 2020-04-28  33m

Brunch with Brent: Sri Ramkrishna

Brent sits down with Sri Ramkrishna, seasoned GNOME community member, founder of Linux App Summit, and Principle Ecosystems Engineer at ITRenew. We discuss his experiences in the GNOME community since 1998, the value of building relationships across communities, the increasing importance of non-technical roles in open source projects, and more.


 2020-04-21  34m

The Resilience of the Voyagers

Heather, of SciByte fame, joins Chris and Wes to celebrate the incredible accomplishments and amazing resiliency of the Voyager probes.


 2020-04-12  24m

Pagure a GitLab Alternative: Neal Gompa

Pagure, the free software GitLab alternative no one is talking about.


 2020-04-07  14m

Brunch with Brent: Daniel Foré

Brent sits down with Daniel Foré, founder of elementary OS and co-host of User Error. We explore his early years in design and software, formative aspects of Ubuntu and Gentoo, the philosophies and history of elementary OS, and more.


 2020-04-03  53m

User Error: What Will Change Post-virus?

Joe, Alan, and Dan speculate about what the world will be like after the situation with Coronavirus is under control and life returns to something resembling normality.


 2020-03-31  14m

Brunch with Brent: Aleix Pol

Brent sits down with Aleix Pol, president of KDE e.V., KDE software developer, co-founder of Linux App Summit and Barcelona Free Software. We discuss his longstanding collaborations within the KDE community, developer sponsorships in open source business models, and more.


 2020-03-27  44m