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Famous scandals, true crime, celeb dramas, conspiracy theories, politics, amazing people throughout history... if it's an incredible story, hilarious hosts comedian Rosie Waterland and Jacob Stanley will tell you about it without bogging you down with any of the boring bits. You'll get just the gist of what you need to know - only get the juiciest, most entertaining details (you know, the ones that make you look very smart and interesting when you repeat them at a dinner party). 


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episode 207: A Turner Has Been Corned

And just like that... It's time for Just The Gist to take a bow. For now!
After 12 million downloads, hundreds of nutso stories and many, many fart jokes, Just The Gist is going on a little hiatus. So I wanted to take a moment to thank YOU, the Gisteners. From the absolute bottom of my heart, thank you for joining us on this crazy segway ride. Thank you so, so much for Gistening. Truly...


 June 26, 2023  33m

episode 206: Greatest Hits: Balloon Boy & The Hillbilly Heist

It's a two-fer baby! Jacob and Rosie need a little break so we're pulling out two more stories from the archives - revisiting two wild stories from the Just The Gist live tour; The Hillbilly Heist and Balloon Boy.

We give you just the gist but if you want more; 

Balloon Boy 

  • Watch "Balloon Boy's' family discusses life 10 years after incident" from Nightline via Youtube https://bit.ly/balloonboy-interview ...


 June 19, 2023  54m

episode 205: Trapped At The Bottom Of The Ocean for 60 Hours

Harrison Okene, a Nigerian ship's cook, faced a remarkable ordeal of survival. In May 2013, he was trapped in an underwater vessel, the Jascon 4, for an astonishing 60 hours before being miraculously rescued. The tugboat had capsized and sunk off the coast of Nigeria while supporting an oil platform.

Okene found himself within an air pocket in the upturned hull of the ship as it rapidly sank. Struggling against panic, he clung to hope as water submerged the vessel completely...


 June 12, 2023  45m

episode 204: Sylvania to Sylvester: Reality TV Families

Reality TV is a global phenomenon. But.. what if we told you it kinda started in Sydney suburbia in the 90s.

In this special branded episode - in partnership with Paramount + - we're giving you just the gist of reality TV; from the first show Sylvania Waters in the 90s, to the worldwide phenomenon in Big Brother, then the 00s hits with The Osbournes, Paris Hilton in the Simple Life, The Kardashians and now in 2023 the next big hit could well be - The Family Stallone...


 June 6, 2023  50m

episode 203: GREATEST HITS: Killdozer aka The Colorado Bulldozer Rampage

Imagine sitting at your desk at work, a day like any other. All of a sudden you hear a rumbling that gets louder, and louder. Then you look out the window and see it: a massive tank (yes - TANK), covered in guns, coming straight towards your office. You get outside just in time to see this thing completely flatten your building to the ground, then drive away. Um… WHAT?

That’s exactly what happened in 2004 to the people in Granby, Colorado...


 May 29, 2023  1h8m

episode 202: Roar: The Most Dangerous Film of All Time

It's Just The Gist  - "F*cking White People" Edition; The story of the 1981 film ROAR.

A tale of how a rich naive Hollywood couple spent over a decade making a movie that starred them, their kids and 150 lions, tigers, leopards, panthers, ALLL the big cats. The movie was pitched as a "family comedy", but is widely regarded as one of the most dangerous films of all time...


 May 22, 2023  1h2m

episode 201: Breakin' Nooz: We're Moving to Africa!

Lol in our DREAMS (Rosie… kind of likes nature now though?).

Plus! Gen Z have invented a new way to shower and you’re doing it wrong. Also! Epidurals - an expensive luxury? And! A new show where a camera is pointed in men’s faces and they are simply asked… why?


  • Watch 'Boston Legal' on Disney Plus - https://bit.ly/42MwjXu .
  • Watch 'I Am A Stalker' on Netflix https://bit.ly/3M7BNVC .
  • Visit 'Durban Tourism' https://visitdurban...


 May 18, 2023  53m

episode 200: A Gistacular Celebration: Our 200th Episode!

A turner has been corned! Four years, hundreds of stories, thousands of poop anecdotes...


 May 17, 2023  1h6m

episode 199: GREATEST HITS: Cher

It's Cher's birthday so we've gotta do it; From the archives, Jacob lives out his dream and gives us just the gist of Cher. No further description necessary.

We give you Just The Gist, but if you want more, there’s this:

  • Watch 'Behind The Music: Cher' Season 2, Episode 25 bootlegged on Facebook https://bit.ly/42hWtBc .
  • Watch 'Cher' 2003 documentary from The Biography Channel https://bit.ly/cherdoco-biographychannel ...


 May 15, 2023  1h22m

episode 198: Breakin' Nooz: JTG IS IN SOUTH AFRICA!

And we know you read that in Rosie's Arnold Schwarzenneger accent. Plus! We sat on the same toilet as Mariah Carey at the Oyster Box Hotel. And! We may be on a trip but Rosie hits Jacob with a weird paranormal update that sends him into an existential crisis. Also! Elizabeth Holmes SPEAKS (and she's dropped 'the voice').


  • The Oyster Box Hotel https://oysterboxhotel.com/ .
  • Visit 'Durban Tourism' https://visitdurban.travel/ ...


 May 10, 2023  47m