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Thoughts, ideas, and commentary on the art of photography by Nashville-based professional fine art photographer Keith Dotson. It's the podcast about fine art photography made by a working fine art photographer. This podcast is written for photographers, photography collectors, photography students, and enthusiasts. Support this podcast:

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episode 57: A Visit to George Eastman Museum: One of the World's Great Photography Museums

In this episode of the Fine Art Photography Podcast, I'll tell you what it's like to visit one of the world's preeminent photography museums.

George Eastman

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 2021-09-22  10m

episode 56: What Motivates High-End Art Collectors? Swizz Beatz On Buying an Ansel Adams Photograph and More

In this episode of the Fine Art Photography podcast, we examine more new data on how high-end art collectors are buying art in 2021, and we learn from the example of a real world collector -- the rapper, record producer, and businessman Swizz Beatz (Kasseem Daoud Dean). Dean talks about buying photographs from Ansel Adams and Gordon Parks, and how he got into art collecting at age 19...


 2021-07-19  6m

episode 47: Abandoned Places Photography: Hushpuckena

In this episode of The Fine Art Photography podcast, we discuss the excitement and mystery of visiting and shooting abandoned places. In this case, we talk about the abandoned community at Hushpuckena, Mississippi, with a description of the scene, and a little history.

My book of abandoned places: Unloved and Forgotten: Fine Art Photographs of Abandoned Places by Keith Dotson, 2019

This Petty Place, about life in the Mississippi Delta by Robert C...


 2021-07-14  13m

episode 55: Frank Relle: Shooting Chest Deep in Alligator Swamps at Night

In this episode of the Fine Art Photography podcast, we talk about the landscape work of New Orleans-based photographer Frank Relle, who owns an art gallery on Royal Street, and has a habit of standing in dark swamp waters late at night surrounded by gators. But the results are spectacular...


 2021-07-09  4m

episode 54: Emmett Gowin's Photographs of His Wife Surrounded by Moths in Flight

In this episode of the Fine Art Photography podcast, I explain why I find Emmett Gowin's photographs of his wife surrounded by moths in flight so magical.

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Edith and Moth Flight, 2002 (frontal version)


 2021-06-23  5m

episode 53: Projects I've Been Working On as a Fine Art Photographer

In this episode of the Fine Art Photography podcast, I'll tell you what kind of projects I've been working on as a photographer lately, and give some updates about recent developments with my photography and my art business...


 2021-06-12  7m

episode 52: What I've Learned from Having a YouTube Channel

In this episode of of the Fine Art Photography podcast, truths I have learned from making videos of my photography expeditions. 

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 2021-06-05  5m

episode 51: The Paranoia Episode: How Safe Are We Walking Around with Camera Gear?

In this episode of the Fine Art Photography Podcast, we discuss a string of recent news headlines with cameras being stolen in brazen daylight robberies, and cover a few tips for keeping yourself and your gear safe...


 2021-05-27  7m

episode 50: About the Simple Photograph that Launched My Photography Career and Changed My Life

In this episode of the Fine Art Photography podcast, I'll talk about the simple photograph that totally changed my life, and started my career as a photographer. 

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 2021-05-22  7m

episode 49: Field Recording: Bird Songs on Location in a Springtime Forest

In this episode, another field recording. This time, experience with me the joyous sounds of an isolated forest in springtime.

I was shooting some landscapes in this forest recently when I paused between shots to savor the environment, and I thought you might like to experience it too.

Wherever you may be while listening to this, close your eyes, and let me teleport you to a very green place. We are standing in knee deep grasses, surrounded on all sides by a vivid green wood...


 2021-05-14  4m