Lady to Lady

Comedians Barbara Gray, Brandie Posey, and Tess Barker host this hilarious and raw weekly show in which they invite a fourth notable guest to play sleepover games, answer advice, and delve into ridiculous tangents.

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episode 376: "Taco Bell Troll" ft. Georgea Brooks

Georgea Brooks (@GeorgiaBrooks) joins the ladies remotely to talk about how quarantine is treating her, her deep fear of the Titanic being in lakes, and her new podcast “Nice Bum, Where Ya From?”. The ladies also discuss how to attempt to stay creative during this time, past cyber relationships, and Brandie finding a backpack full of drugs in her yard...



episode 375: "A Perfect Turd" ft. Anna Valenzuela

This week, Anna Valenzuela (@AnnaVisFun) subs in for Tess and the ladies discuss spending another week in quarantine. They talk about how weird it is to not be able to hug your friends in the wild, being single during quarantine, and Anna shares a story about finding a turd in a suitcase (not recently). They answer a lady problem from a listener who’s struggling with a breakup with someone they really liked but have incompatible life goals...



Bonus Episode - Inside the Ladies' Studio

We know a lot of you are stuck are home right now, maybe working on a puzzle or staring into the void, so the ladies wanted to give you a little something extra for your earbuds. This is the March bonus episode we recorded for Patreon. We thought we'd drop it in the main feed to give you a taste of what we're doing over there! If you're interested in more, come over to our patreon and see all the sweet bonus content we're dishing out...



episode 374: Ladies in Quarantine!

The ladies are coming at you from their respective homes during this time of social distancing. They talk about Brandie's recent Puerto Rican vacation, quarantining with other people, and Y2K. They answer a lady problem from a listener who's having recurring dreams about their fiancé cheating them. Need more content while you're hunkering down at home? Head over to Patreon...



episode 373: Live From Boise!

This week, the ladies are coming at you LIVE from Boise, Idaho! They recap an all-you-can-eat sushi contest, play two truths and a lie (celebrity edition!), and find out some interesting facts about Leonardo DiCaprio. They answer a lady problem from a listener who’s been dating a guy who just wants to keep things casual. Want access to this week’s Top Secret Session, bonus episodes, and more? Head over to Patreon...



episode 372: "It's Never Too Late to Dump Him" ft. Rhea Butcher

Rhea Butcher (@RheaButcher) joins the ladies this week to talk about being a hoarder, her MySpace days, and her baseball podcast Three Swings. The ladies also talk about weird flight habits, the Thong song's 20th anniversary, and that gross hot dog waffle thing circulating on Twitter. They answer two ladies problems: one from a listener whose terminally ill family member wants to leave her husband, and one from a listener who doesn't know how to support her lost boyfriend...



episode 371: "Gourmet Slime" ft. Eman El-Husseini

Eman El-Husseini (@Emanifique) joins the ladies to talk about her fear of the ocean, having a joint comedy cartoon Instagram account with her wife, and why cake is better than donuts. The ladies also cover meeting Lin Manuel Miranda (!!!), crazy Oscar gift bags, and the best ways to distract your significant other to get out of a fight. They answer a lady problem from a married listener who is experiencing relationship burnout and is fantasizing about being single again...


 2020-02-26  1h12m

episode 370: "Business Fuckboy" ft. Tiff Stevenson

Tiff Stevenson (@TiffStevendon) joins the ladies to discuss being a stepmom, sexist marketing, and how classy Danny DeVito is. The ladies also chat about masturbation routines, the Black Eyed Peas songs, and pheromone parties. They answer a lady problem from a listener who’s former crush is now dating her friend, and her conflicted feelings about it. Lady to Lady is headed to Boise, Idaho March 7 & 8! Head over to https://ladytoladycomedy...


 2020-02-19  1h16m

episode 369: "Good Pain" ft. Alexi Pappas

Alexi Pappas (@AlexiPappas) joins the ladies to talk about being an olympian, good vs bad pain, and about her new movie Olympic Dreams (co-starring Nick Kroll!). The ladies also cover running marathons, the best way to deal with challenges, and when to give up. They answer a lady problem from a listener who’s having trouble finding a relationship when her job constantly relocates her to different countries...


 2020-02-12  48m

episode 368: "Lady Tushie" ft. Kelly McInerney

Kelly McInerney (@hollyweirdo) joins the ladies to talk about her podcast IMDWeed, her Baywatch obsession, and her connection to "YOLO." The ladies also discuss going to haunted places, Zac Efron's abs, and Jennifer Aniston's career progression. They answer a lady problem from a listener who relocated to a new city and wants to know how to meet people who aren't just her coworkers. Join us over at Patreon...


 2020-02-05  1h0m