Larry Wilmore: Black on the Air

Emmy Award—winning producer, actor, and comedian Larry Wilmore is back on the air, hosting a podcast where he weighs in on the issues of the week and interviews guests in the worlds of politics, entertainment, culture, sports, and beyond.

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Isabel Wilkerson on the Caste Systems That We Currently Live In

Larry is joined by author Isabel Wilkerson to talk about her new book, ‘Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents.’ They talk about what it was like to have her book selected for Oprah’s Book Club (7:13), the differences between “class” and “caste” (21:01), and how going to India influenced her book (32:40). Host: Larry Wilmore Guest: Isabel Wilkerson



Bill Simmons on Social Activism Within the NBA Bubble

Larry is joined by The Ringer’s Bill Simmons to discuss social activism within the NBA bubble (13:21), the history of racism in the league and era-defining players (38:38), and what a championship means in this unorthodox season (41:43). Host: Larry Wilmore Guest: Bill Simmons



Al Roker on Broadcasting From Home and What He Has Learned From Over 40 Years in the Industry

Larry is joined by Al Roker, weather and feature anchor for ‘Today’ and cohost for the third hour of ‘Today,’ to discuss working from home with another TV star in the house (14:19), Roker’s more than 40-year career (23:20), and some of the “Al-truisms” in his latest book, ‘You Look So Much Better in Person: True Stories of Absurdity and Success’ (32:47). Host: Larry Wilmore Guest: Al Roker Check out ‘You Look So Much Better in Person’ here.



Don Cheadle on Over 30 Years of Acting, Producing, and Activism

Larry is joined by actor Don Cheadle to discuss his come-up as a Black actor in the ’90s (9:18), the electricity of his most recent project, ‘Black Monday’ (32:50), and how celebrities can most effectively use their platforms for activism (43:10). Host: Larry Wilmore Guest: Don Cheadle


 2020-07-10  54m

Remembering Comedic Legend Carl Reiner, 1922–2020

Larry reflects on the influence of actor, director, and writer Carl Reiner, who died on Tuesday. Then, we resurface Larry’s interview with Reiner from November 2017, when he reflected on his long career in Hollywood (11:12). Host: Larry Wilmore Guest: Carl Reiner


 2020-07-01  1h0m

James McBride on Covering Music Legends and the Power of Fiction Writing

Larry weighs in on the goals of the Black Lives Matter movement. Then, author James McBride joins the show to talk about covering music legends like Michael Jackson and James Brown (11:47), why he made the switch from journalism to fiction writing (41:54), and his new book, 'Deacon King Kong' (45:10). Host: Larry Wilmore Guest: James McBride Check out 'Deacon King Kong' here.


 2020-06-26  1h0m

Michael Lewis on the Many Risks of a Donald Trump Presidency

Larry Wilmore is joined by Michael Lewis for a live talk about his new book, 'The Fifth Risk: Undoing Democracy,' and observations he has taken away from this current moment. Host: Larry Wilmore Guest: Michael Lewis


 2020-06-20  59m

Nikole Hannah-Jones on George Floyd and the History of Systemic Racism in America

Larry weighs in on the movement to defund the police and the killing of Breonna Taylor. Then, he is joined by New York Times journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones to talk about how the killing of George Floyd was a wake-up call for white Americans (13:06), her work on the 1619 Project for the Times (30:41), and the white-washing of America's history (40:40). Host: Larry Wilmore Guest: Nikole Hannah-Jones Check out the 1619 Project here.


 2020-06-12  58m

Thoughts on George Floyd and the Virus of Racism in America

Larry gives his thoughts on the killing of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer and why racism in America is like a virus that must be rooted out. Host: Larry Wilmore


 2020-06-03  11m

episode 94: The Tragedy of Ahmaud Arbery, and Uzo Aduba on Portraying Shirley Chisholm | Larry Wilmore: Black on the Air

Larry Wilmore weighs in on the slaying of Ahmaud Arbery and why Trump is not right for this moment (1:00). Then, he gets on the line with actress Uzo Aduba to talk about her role in ‘Mrs. America’ as Shirley Chisholm (10:26) and what she learned about the second-wave feminist movement while preparing for the role (36:19). Host: Larry Wilmore Guest: Uzo Aduba


 2020-05-09  57m