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Leadership & Culture Special

"If an athlete's shocked or surprised with a selection or de-selection, then I haven't really done my job well." Paula Dunn, the Paralympics Head Coach at British Athletics, is discussing her approach to difficult conversations with the Leaders Perfor...


 2021-07-21  38m

Coaching & Development Special

“The tech environment and our understanding about learning and development has changed, but I don’t think that changes the reality of what we are doing to support how people may learn just yet.” These are the words of Dr Scott Drawer,


 2021-05-12  32m

At Home With Leaders - Michael Cheika

Michael Cheika, the renowned rugby coach who was recently appointed Head Coach of the Lebanon men's rugby league team, explains that providing a safe environment for athletes is a good starting point when addressing social issues.


 2021-01-13  38m

The Leaders State of Play Series - Mo Bobat

"What are we trying to achieve and why?" asks Mo Bobat, the Performance Director of the England & Wales Cricket Board. "In essence we're all problem-solvers and there's enough research out there to suggest that homogenisation of thought and ideas prob...


 2020-12-17  40m

At Home With Leaders - Jill Ellis

"When you go through change," says Jill Ellis, "a lot of it is continuing to talk about culture and the team-first environment you create, but it’s also about building in strategies to make this team feel that every single person is important and every...


 2020-11-19  39m

The Leaders State of Play Series - Nigel Pearson

"I want to enjoy walking into a building and I don't want a situation where people sit on the same table to only eat with people of a similar status," says Nigel Pearson. The renowned football manager, whose former clubs include Leicester [twice],


 2020-11-13  39m

At Home With Leaders - Terry Francona

Brought to you by our Main Partners Keiser. "I don't think I have any perspective or balance," says Terry Francona. "People have asked me before and I don't think I have any. I'm not sure any coach has."


 2020-10-29  39m

The Leaders State of Play Series - Owen Eastwood

"There was a meta study that suggests that 70 percent of an individual’s behaviour is determined by whatever environment they are in,” says Owen Eastwood. “That was the moment I could see it and that was the first verification of that truth.”


 2020-10-08  43m

At Home With Leaders - Alex Goode

Alex Goode is one of the most decorated players in English rugby union. The Saracens’ fullback - the 2019 European Player of the Year - has won three European Champions Cups and five English Premiership titles with the north London side and amassed mo...


 2020-10-01  37m

The Leaders State of Play Series - Stuart Worden

“In adversity, young people usually have the answers,” says Stuart Worden. “They’re amazing, they’re extraordinary - if the conditions for their creativity are there for them.” Worden is the Principal of the world-renowned BRIT School,


 2020-09-24  44m