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Leaders in conversation: the biggest names in the global business of sport sit down (or stand up) with Leaders Editorial Director James Emmett.




      Ep 31: Amy Brooks

      The NBA is so firmly focused on innovation - in the experiences it offers to fans, in its digital engagement strategies, and in its own business practices - that in November 2017 it appointed someone specifically to oversee it. That someone is Amy Brooks, an NBA executive since 2005, and now Chief Innovation Officer and President of the NBA's Team Marketing and Business Operations unit. In this episode of the Leaders Podcast, Brooks discusses her role and responsibilities and pinpoints some...



      Ep 30: Elevate good times, come on

      What's the biggest misconception about PyeongChang 2018? Will NBC's Total Audience Delivery revolutionise Olympic broadcast monetisation? Why have the San Francisco 49ers joined forces with HBSE and CAA to form a new agency? What distinguishes from competitors like Legends? All these questions, plus many more besides, are tackled in the latest episode of the Leaders Podcast, a double-header featuring SportsBusiness Journal Olympics reporter Ben Fischer, and San Francisco 49ers President and...



      Ep 29: Ed Horne

      Recorded in frosty New York City during Super Bowl week, this week’s episode takes the NFL’s annual glitz and glamathon as its central theme. Ed Horne, Executive Vice President of Endeavor Global Marketing, the cultural mark...



      Ep 28: Scott O'Neil & Katie O'Reilly

      Would you trust the process behind 'Trust the Process'? If you worked with Philadelphia 76ers CEO Scott O'Neil and his indefatigable CMO Katie O'Reilly you would. (Arguably, you'd have no choice.) O'Neil is one of the most forward-thinking senior leaders in sport, and he’s renowned for the inspiring working cultures he builds around him - a working culture at the 76ers that has resulted in the franchise consistently topping various NBA commercial tables even with a historically bad team on t...



      Ep 27: Giles Morgan (Unmuzzled)

      Giles Morgan left HSBC towards the end of 2017 and now, he says, he's free to say what he really thinks about sponsorship, about sport, about who's getting it right, and, more pertinently, who's getting it wrong. Over his 12-year career leading HSBC's sponsorship activities, Morgan sanctioned the spend of over a billion dollars. Over Christmas biscuits and a cup of strong tea in his kitchen, our conversation covers: - Why he left one of the best jobs in global sport; - Storytelling and a new...



      Ep 26: Richard Gould

      What better time to talk about cricket than in the bleak midwinter? Should traversability be a fundamental aspect of any cricket ground? With a new short-form competition around the corner and a significant new media rights deal in the bag, what's the future for the sport in Britain? Surrey County Cricket Club CEO Richard Gould is the guest on this week's edition of the Leaders Podcast; the former tank commander and Bristol City commercial executive tackles the full gamut of cricket business...



      Ep 25: Al Guido

      What does the next generation in-stadium experience look like? How does a tech-focused sports stadium stay ahead of the game? When will the NFL bring in jersey sponsorship patches? These were just three of the questions put to San Francisco 49ers President Al Guido when he visited the Leaders office in London earlier this month. At 38 years old, Guido is one of the youngest operational leaders in the NFL. Having held senior executive roles at hospitality and sales agency Legends and the...



      Ep 24: Kit McConnell

      When will the Olympics reach a 50/50 gender balance? Is esports really a viable Olympic programme proposition? Can China realistically achieve its objective of introducing 300 million people to winter sports participation by 2022? These questions, plus a fair number of others, are tackled in the latest edition of the Leaders Podcast with IOC Sports Director Kit McConnell, who spoke to James Emmett over a jasmine tea in a hotel lobby in Beijing, hours before the final round of the Infiniti...



      Ep23: Behind the scenes at Leaders iii

      With all these snackable digital tidbits around, is there room for a full three-course content dinner? A few months into the EFL's international OTT venture, how is the new service performing? How have the Milwaukee Bucks built the fan experience into the design concept for their new arena? Why is the data on in-stadium queuing times trying to lie to you? And if the Seattle Sounders had a sound, what sound would it be? All these questions answered, and many more besides, in this, the third...



      Ep 22: Behind the scenes at Leaders ii

      Why can't a pure-play OTT sports broadcast service guarantee consistent service? Where will Amazon's sports rights strategy take it and when? When will consumers reach their 'skinny bundle' price point threshold? Has sports broadcasting been disrupt...