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Before building a house or starting a company, we’d put a plan in place–a blueprint or an outline. But what about when we’re creating lives of excellence? It’s far too easy to “let life happen to us.” Join April and Eric Perry as we discuss Life Architecture, Productivity, Health, Family, and Spirituality. If you have an enthusiasm for learning and you’re ready to become something more than you are right now, this show is for you.





      How to Declutter the Whole House in One Month [Episode 18]

      Are you looking for a simple step-by-step process to clear your life of clutter…with a busy family…in only one month? We’re doing that right now. Come listen in as we share what’s working--and what's not! For Show Notes, please visit http://learndobecome.com/episode18




      Six Truths to Remember When You Feel Like You're Falling Behind [Episode 17]

      It's totally common to feel overwhelmed by "everything there is to do", and sometimes it seems like our goals are simply not possible to attain. Today let's take a step back and review six key reminders that will help us to see things as they really are.

      For show notes, visit http://LearnDoBecome.com/Episode17



      Budget Training for Couples - With Rachel Ramsey Cruze, April & Eric [Episode 16]

      I (April) used to avoid any conversation that involved "budgets." The idea stressed me out--not because I wasn't willing to watch my spending, but because the whole idea felt overwhelming. And being married to a man who majored in accounting and worked professionally as a finance analyst caused some stress and strain. 

      This incredible conversation with Rachel Ramsey Cruze, author of "Love Your Life, Not Theirs" and daughter of finance expert Dave Ramsey, TOTALLY inspired me. Come ...




      How Asana Can Manage Your Projects and Routines (Without Stress!) - April Perry - Episode 15

      If you're looking for a great digital tool to manage the things you need to do (or if you simply want to see what others are doing so you can compare the process to your current system), here's a podcast that explains a simple way to use Asana.

      For full show notes, please see http://learndobecome.com/episode 15

      And to attend one a productivity class to learn more about projects (and creating a seamless system!), visit http://learndobecome.com/step.




      Three Questions to Help You Chart Your Course - April Perry [Episode 14]

      If you feel the need for "more God" in your life, or if you'd like to know what has helped others to get answers and direction from a power beyond their own, you'll love today's podcast. In this episode, April shares principle-based ideas that can help each of us to articulate meaningful questions, invest serious time in scripture study, and connect with God on a daily basis.

      LearnDoBecome is for people from all backgrounds who share the belief that there is a Higher Power to which...



      How to (Seriously) Fix Anxiety, Depression, and Relationships - With Dr. David Burns & April Perry [Episode 13]

      There's a 90% chance that each of us is dealing with anxiety, depression, or relationship problems. And this podcast with world-renowned psychiatrist and best-selling author, Dr. David Burns, will provide some of the BEST information in the world to help you and your family.

      For the Show Notes, visit http://learndobecome.com/episode13



      How to Prioritize a Life that Matters - Greg McKeown and April and Eric Perry [Episode 12]

      If we do not prioritize our lives, someone else will. And if we do not consciously choose to live lives that matter, excellence will not simply "happen."

      Greg McKeown, best-selling author of the book Essentialism, is one of our very favorite authors. We’ve read (and listened to!) his book several times, and the lessons within it are powerful.

      Today’s episode of LearnDoBecome Radio is well worth your time to listen.

      Here are a few topics Greg covers in the podcast: How to...