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Before building a house or starting a company, we’d put a plan in place–a blueprint or an outline. But what about when we’re creating lives of excellence? It’s far too easy to “let life happen to us.” Join April and Eric Perry as we discuss Life Architecture, Productivity, Health, Family, and Spirituality. If you have an enthusiasm for learning and you’re ready to become something more than you are right now, this show is for you.


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A Fun, Logical Way to Set Up Your Routines List! [Episode 48]

We have a treat for you today! It’s a quick (but thorough!) walkthrough of how you could set up your routines. Taryn, one of the amazing team members here at LearnDoBecome has spelled out her process. Come check out the template so you can see...



Our Family's "Let's Get Organized" Training Event (Episode 47)

If you have teens or tweens in your life (children, students, extended family...) who could use some support getting organized, Eric and I recently sat down with our three youngest children and helped them to learn about Current Projects, Routines,...



Two Questions to Seriously Ponder this Week (Episode 46)

As each of us is learning, doing, and becoming, it’s important to ask ourselves uplifting, focused questions and then seriously think about them during the pockets of quiet time in our lives. Today I have two suggested questions that have...



A STEP Command Central on Every Desk–and What That Means for YOU [Episode 45]

My dream is a STEP (Steps to Everyday Productivity) Command Central on every desk–because I believe it will solve the “overwhelm” and change the world.  In today’s episode. I’m sharing a few really important things: (1) Why a STEP...


 2019-03-13  30m

How to Feel Totally Replenished [Episode 44]

Can you imagine a life where you feel rested, rejuvenated, and totally replenished--as your natural state of being? (We're not quite there yet, but we're slowly learning what's working--and what's not working!) Come join us for a...


 2019-03-06  44m

Real Life Before and After: Melanie Maxwell [Episode 43]

Melanie Maxwell was literally drowning in piles, but changed her life as she learned to build her Command Central in the Steps to Everyday Productivity program. Some highlights included how she reclaimed her bedroom--after more than a year sleeping on...


 2019-02-09  1h3m

Three Unique Ways to "Anchor" [Episode 42]

Do you ever feel like you keep dealing with the same problems over and over again? And then you wonder why you’re so tired? In the midst of everyday craziness, it’s often difficult to know HOW to anchor ourselves so that we are no longer just...


 2019-02-06  38m

Do You Have an "Embarrassing Secret"? Here Are Three Points to Consider [Episode 41]

We are ALL struggling with something, and I believe it’s time we face our challenges—whatever is holding us back—so we can move forward, with power. In today's episode, I share one of MY embarrassing secrets--and a few points to consider as you...


 2019-01-30  32m

 2019-01-29  16m

Four Reasons We're Holding Ourselves Back from Reaching Our Goals [Episode 40]

    Show notes:  https://learndobecome.com/episode40/ ‎


 2019-01-19  33m