Left At The Valley

Coming at you from the Fraser Valley in beautiful BC, focuses on secular humanism, skeptical thinking, positive atheism and all that good stuff.




      All Politics with Michael E Sparks

      The Bernie activist is back! Michael E Sparks, author of My Bernie Journey joins us to chat politics, no script, just canadians and Americans discussing what the hell is going on in between two countries that used to be best of friends and neighbors. In studio with us are Parker and Ramses, from North Dakota. And yes, it's a real place Nancy gives us a top 10 list about corruption in countries Kirsten gives us another swishy lady story Kevin goes on a rant about the KSA and Dominic ...



      Street Epistemology with Anthony Magnabosco

      The crew welcomes SE student: Anthony Magnabosco to talk about the art of conversation and persuasion. Following the teachings of our friend Peter Boghossian, Anthony takes us through his own journey and how he approaches people to "implant doubt" about their beliefs by questioning the why and the how of their beliefs. If you want to hone in your debating skills, this episode will help Bernard Lamborelle on the Ra-Men...



      Junk Science with Dr Ben Davis

      Our favorite nuclear physicist is back! Dr Ben Davis comes to us today to discuss one of his favorite topics: Junk Science. Why is it that we fall for these pseudo-sciences? What can we do to recongnize these falsities? Let's listen in to dr Ben and what he has to say http://www.facebook.com/AskDrBen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aNSHZG9blQQ http://www.facebook.com/notes/ask-dr-ben/the-problem-with-pseudoscience/1744128745839338/ Nancy does a Top 10 of coldest places on earth and...



      Looking Back with Seth Andrews

      He's back! The velvety voice of atheist podcasting Seth Andrews returns for a deep conversation about the future and the past decade. Have we progressed? Are we doing better? What does the future hold for the movement? Join us and let the soothing voice of a former broadcaster help you understand where we currently are. http://www.thethinkingatheist.com Nancy is absent, so no top 10 and Kirsten tells us about christians abusing children because...demons



      On Free Will with Jerry Coyne

      The crew welcomes our favorite evolutionary biologist back: Proffessor Jerry Coyne. This time Dr Coyne comes to explain to us why he feels that free will is an illusion and that we don't actually have ffree will. What does that mean for our society? our interactions?Can we be held responsible of anything if we are already pre-determined to action? Dr Coyne will answer all that Nancy gives us a top 10 of rescues and the "swooshy lady"r  Katt Kerr is back...



      Love Explained with Scott Marshall

      Feeling that love feeling? Let's listen in as author Scott Marshall explains his book: Love Explained. We ask the questions about love, the science behind it, the relationship to us and our interactions with each other. Are we slaves to biology or is there a choice in who we fall in love with? http://www.facebook.com/groups/659848144402778/?ref=group_header  http://twitter.com/ScottAMarshall http://www.facebook.com/LoveExplainedBook/ Nancy gives another list of interesting monthly ...


       2018-07-07  1h46m

      LATV drink Holy Koolaid

      Join the crew as they welcome the host of the YouTube Channel Holy Koolaid and host of the Here and How podcast: Thomas Westbrook. Thomas takes us through his journey and his drives to simply make the world a better place by debunking the myths and promotting discussion. His channel is very informative and he is also very insightful into what goes on in the bigger picture. You won't want to miss this interview http://www.holykoolaid.com Nancy gives us a Top 10 of richest companies and we...


       2018-07-01  1h29m

      Was Yahweh a Mortal Man?

      After a short hiatus due to technical difficulties, the crew is back and welcomes author Bernard Lamborelle who tells us about his hypothesis that the stories of the bible should be taken literally and that the christian god could actually be an actual man, a lord that created a covenant with the abrahamic patriarch and was later dietified which gave birth to a myth. Bernard takes us through his journey, it's a fascinating one Nancy gives us a Top 10 list of children's books and Kirsten...


       2018-06-25  1h42m

      Odd Atheist Friends Take a Left at the Valley

      Join the crew as they welcome the hosts of Odd Atheist Friends: Matthew and Erik. This dynamic duo take us through the history of their show and their particular point of view as they both originate from very different walks of life. They are the odd couple of podcasting http://www.facebook.com/OAFPodcast Nancy gives us a list of fraudulent pastors raking in the money and we find out Jesus has a fondness for horseshoe crabs...


       2018-06-09  1h31m

      Looking Back with Aron Ra

      The bane of creationists everywhere is back! Yes, the Legendary Aron Ra joins us to take a look back at the past decade in atheism and politics. Are we in trouble? Are we doing better? You decide. http://www.aronra.com/ Nancy gives us a Top 10 of monthly holidays Kirsten talks about Jesus saving people from an out of control truck and we find out that Summa Cum Laude is too ographic for Publix employees...


       2018-06-04  1h33m