Left At The Valley

Coming at you from the Fraser Valley in beautiful BC, focuses on secular humanism, skeptical thinking, positive atheism and all that good stuff.




      Religion in School with Luke Fevin

      Our friend Luke returns to discuss how the history of the catholic church in Canada has put them in an advantageous position where they profit from the collective tax purse. Luke goes into great detail to explain the myths that keeps this old relic of the past in this position with help from the government http://www.ouridea.ca https://twitter.com/According2Luke http://absecularconference.yolasite.com/guest-speakers.php https://www.facebook.com/groups/APUPIL/ Nancy isn't here but we...



      Time Shards with David Fitzgerald

      He's back! One of our most popular guest:David Fitzgerald returns to talk about his latest book Time Shards A purely fictional story and the first of a trilogy already widely acclaimed. Listen in as he explains what drove him to write the book and his unique twist on how we look at time. Be ready to go on an adventure with the always charming author https://www.centerforinquiry.net/speakers/fitzgerald_david Nancy does a top 10 of romantic songs and apparently you don't need vaccines cuz...



      Conversations with Christians

      A different style of show today, the crew welcomes back Chris Christiansen and Zac Bosma to the show and into the Lion's den. We strive to have a respectful conversation to come to the bottom of what makes them christians and why they keep the faith. Nancy goes through a top 10 of atheist books and we find out that a bigoted pastor gets kicked out of Jamaica...



      The Bitcoin Conundrum

      Join the flu infected crew as they take a look into cryptocurrency with none other than our man on money matters, Phil Ferguson, the wacky host of the aptly named Phil Ferguson show. Is bitcoin a trap or is it the answer to our economic woes? Is it an investment or is it a new monetary system? Find out Nancy does another top 10 of science books and wee find out Jesus isn't so great at taking over the wheel...



      Master Skeptic: Michael Shermer

      Joining us is none other than the skeptic himself Michael Shermer to talk about his latest book Heavens on Earth. Michael takes us through a journey about questioning the opined facts behind the claims and shows us all why he is the editor of Skeptic Magazine. https://michaelshermer.com/ Nancy does a top 10 of most/least religious countries and we hear a sad story of child abuse in Another Brilliant Moment..



      The Wild Salmon Issue with Damien Gillis

      Join the crew as they welcome back Filmmaker extraordinaire and activist Damien Gillis. Damien has been following the issue of wild salmon and the salmon industry from Norway. The tentacles of the industry seem to reach deep within international governments including our own. You'll be amazed at secrets revealed that show that our own government seems more interested at saving the industry some money than the survival of a pivotal and iconic specie. http://commonsensecanadian.ca Nancy...



      A New Year Begins...

      Here we go again, It's a new year and new possibilities, join the crew as they start the year with fun tones and an explanation as to where the tradition of NYE started. Nancy brings a new segment, her top 10 list and we even take a peak back at the science stories of 2017



      Best of LATV 2017

      In our last show of the year, we take a look at the top 10 shows downloaded by our listeners. From Pete Boghossian to Robert M Price, we go through 10 clips in this retrospective look at 2017. We had one hell of a year and we wanted to share this with our listeners Enjoy...



      LATV xmas 2017

      It's our christmas show for 2017, we look to bring some of the TRUE origins of your favorite traditions and some positive stories which will warm your heart we visit stories like the WW1 xmas truce, the origins of saturnalia, the reason for using fir trees and many more we even find out mistletoe means poo on a stick... from all of us at LATV, Happy Holidays



      Serious Inquiries with Thomas Smith

      Join the crew as they welcome the host of Serious Inquiries only and Opening Arguments podcasts: Thomas Smith The vocal host takes us through his opinions and where the status of atheism lies in this age of political evangelism as Trump's America becomes more hostile to seculars. Where does Thomas' shows lie in all of this? Nancy talks about Hanukkah in This Day in History and while scott wakes up, we mock Roy Moore...