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Each week, Melissa Kirsch & Alice Bradley of Lifehacker bring in all-star guests to tackle the stuff that matters—like how to be happy, how to buy a TV, how to be less bad with money and how to tell if you’re dating a psychopath. Look, you're doing great, but quite frankly we think you can be a little better. All your friends do too. It's time for The Upgrade.

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How to Become Financially Independent and Retire Early, With Vicki Robin (RECAST)

Vicki Robin is the co-author of the bestseller YOUR MONEY OR YOUR LIFE and the godmother of a financial movement that’s becoming increasingly popular among millennials: FIRE, which stands for Financially Independent, Retire Early. Vicki talks to us about changing our relationship with money and redefining what a rich, full life actually means.


 2018-10-15  42m

How to Change Your Perspective, With CBT Pioneer David Burns, MD

Dr. David Burns joins us in this episode to talk about how to change your perspective. Dr. Burns is a pioneer in the field of cognitive-behavioral therapy, or CBT, and the author of best-selling books on the topic, including "Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy" and "The Feeling Good Handbook." We’ll also hear from photographer Tyson Wheatley on five steps to taking better pictures. And Alice and Melissa discuss two books that changed how they see the world.


 2018-10-08  48m

How to Be Tougher, With Survivorman's Les Stroud

This week we chat with Les Stroud, the creator and star of the hit TV series Survivorman. Alice and staff writer Nick Douglas talk with Les about just how one becomes an expert in surviving, as well as the one aspect of survival that he finds nearly impossible to endure. We’re also joined by our old friend, divorce attorney James J. Sexton, yes we have him on speed dial. James tells us the five steps to developing a thick skin. Emotionally, that is.


 2018-10-01  45m

How to Be a Happier Parent, With Author KJ Dell’Antonia

KJ Dell’Antonia—journalist and author of How to Be a Happier Parent: Raising a Family, Having a Life, and Loving (Almost) Every Minute—joins Offspring editor Michelle Woo to discuss how to make your family life less stressful and even (dare we say it) fun. But first, Alice gives staff writer and soon-to-be new parent Nick Douglas an important (note: not really important) parenting quiz. Finally, we’ve got a playlist of non-kid songs that your kids will love as much as you do.


 2018-09-24  44m

How to Conquer Your Fears, With Author Dean Sluyter

This week, we’re digging into the things you're terrified of--the concrete stuff like fear of spiders and heights, as well as the more conceptual, existential anxiety we all have about just being alive. First, we interview Dean Sluyter, author of the new book Fear Less: Living Beyond Fear, Anxiety, Anger, and Addiction. Then Ben Brock Johnson, host of the Reddit podcast “Endless Thread,” shares the scariest stories from Reddit...


 2018-09-17  43m

How to Hack Your Mornings, With My Morning Routine’s Benjamin Spall

Mornings. Many of us hate them; some of us love them; all of us want to make the best of them. But how exactly do we do that? First we ask Benjamin Spall, co-author of My Morning Routine: How Successful People Start Every Day Inspired, about creating the ultimate morning routine. We also talk to Vanessa Marin, a licensed sex therapist (and regular “After Hours” Lifehacker contributor) about why we should occasionally ditch the routine and just do it...


 2018-09-10  48m

How to Deal With Work Stress, With Ask a Manager’s Alison Green

Whether you’re dealing with a bad boss or disgruntled employees (or a great boss and enthusiastic employees) you’ve got an opinion on the employer/employee dynamic. This week we heard from the Lifehacker audience about their worst bosses. Then Lifehacker’s managing editor Virginia Smith talks to Ask a Manager’s Alison Green about what your manager wants you to know. Finally, Alice and Melissa talk about the out-of-office auto-reply: does anyone really need it?


 2018-09-03  49m

Tell Us Your Horrible Boss Stories!

Hey Upgrade listeners! We want to hear your horrible boss stories, and how you solved the situation, if you were indeed able to solve it. Leave us a message at (347) 687 - 8109, or send us a voice memo at


 2018-08-28  0m

How to Reinvent Yourself With Coss Marte and Lawrence O'Donnell

Want to totally change your life? Coss Marte tells us how he went from drug kingpin to fitness entrepreneur using a regimen he developed in prison, and gives us your new gym playlist for becoming a total beast. We go to Scary Corner with newsman Lawrence O'Donnell to learn about why people are so effing scared of socialism, and Lawrence joins us for Upgrade of the Week, where Melissa recommends a life-changing bike accessory and Alice announces a new fitness plan of her own.


 2018-08-27  45m

How to Be a Successful Artist

We’re back from summer vacation with writer Otessa Mosfegh, Gilmore Girls’ Keiko Agena, a new format, new segments and a ton of new hacks.


 2018-08-20  53m