Lift As You Climb

Have you ever looked in the mirror and asked “Who Am I Now”? As Baby Boomers, we’ve been so busy ‘adulting’ and keeping up with expectations for decades, it is not surprising that we lose touch with ourselves as we evolve and change over time. Growth, transformation, and reinvention with a purpose and a plan are essential to a fulfilled life. Each Wednesday, Isabel Alexander, self-proclaimed Mistress of Reinvention, unpacks her personal evolution system, Lift As You Climb, and engages guests to share their Ah-Ha moments of recognizing their evolved, authentic selves. Be inspired by others who embrace “This is who I am now!” and choose who they want to become next as they love their life and live their legacy. This podcast celebrates Identity, Influence and Impact at every age and every stage of life!

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episode 20: LIFE of PI with Jane Spicer of Daphne’s Headcovers

How does a ten-year-old girl, encouraged by a spirited mother, capture the attention of another very famous and influencing mother, and ultimately create several global phenomena?

Listen to this episode with wonder and discover how Jane Spicer, her mentor and mother, Daphne, and Tiger Woods and his mother and major cheerleader, Kultilda Woods, are connected in their legacies...


 May 26, 2021  29m

episode 19: START MESSY with Ana Patricia Bourgeois

START MESSY with Ana Patricia Bourgeois Ana Patricia Bourgeois is positivity, energy and action in a multi-lingual entrepreneur plus coach package. Family dynamics forced her to grow up fast and take on responsibility at a very young age. Rather than feeling sorry for herself, she declared victory and went after the education and experience that positioned her perfectly for future accomplishments. Ms...


 May 22, 2021  21m

episode 18: I've Never Been This Me Before

Transformation and reinvention can be scary...


 May 19, 2021  18m

episode 17: Don’t Shoot the Horse with Leeanne Gardner

Don’t Shoot the Horse with Leeanne Gardner What does it mean to take the reins of your life? You don’t have to own fancy boots, a saddle, or even a horse to find out! Listen in as our guest, Leeanne Gardner, unlocks limiting beliefs and flings the gates of potential wide open! With refreshing perspectives, raw vulnerability, and relatable experiences about how to reset your thinking to purposefully manifest the life you desire, Leeanne challenges us to buck up! and take the lead in our lives...


 May 15, 2021  23m

episode 16: Triple Ps with Eleanor Beaton

Triple Ps with guest Eleanor Beaton Eleanor Beaton is always cooking up great ways to support women entrepreneurs to start, grow, and love their seven-figure-plus businesses – unapologetically! She’s a master baker of great big juicy slices of life filled with clarity, confidence, and economic autonomy...


 May 12, 2021  31m

episode 15: Dreamers and Doers with Liz Sumner

There are dreamers and there are doers. And then, there are many that say “I ALWAYS WANTED TO . . . “ Too frequently, that’s where it ends. The thought is not acted upon, it’s stuffed away in the back of our mental sock drawer, never to become a reality. Liz Sumner is on a mission to transform many more of us “I Always Wanted To”-ers into “I Did It!”s by curating stories of inspiration and DIY examples...


 May 8, 2021  40m

episode 14: Essence

ESSENCE is defined as “the basic nature of a thing; the quality or qualities that make a thing what it is”. We may also refer to essence as our authentic self, true nature or spirit, our core values. I believe our essence evolves as we do, and if we allow it, it becomes truer, richer, more distinctly ‘US’. Finding myself at the busy intersection of Who Am I Now, Who Was I, and Who Do I Want to Become, I realized my decisions would have two different outcomes...


 May 5, 2021  16m

episode 13: Original Gangster with Linda Lundström

From earliest childhood, Linda observed people and the environment around her with deep respect for beauty and sustainability. The little girl who grew up in a remote mining community in Canada went on to become an international model, designer and fashion icon, celebrated leader, and instigator for positive change.

The purchase of a Linda Lundström “LaParka” was a reward for achievement of goals that I and many Baby Boomer femmepreneurs prioritized as a milestone...


 May 1, 2021  40m

episode 12: SMILES and SUSHI with Loubna Zarrou

Heroes are the ones who have courage to be different, to change status quo, stand for something and start a movement that uplifts and inspires others.

Heroes are not born. Heroism is not inherited or something you can purchase. SHEroes and Heroes evolve from struggles and trials and awareness. 

Loubna Zarrou was shy, introverted and bullied as a child. She made a choice to rise above limiting circumstances and become a hero, role model and mentor for herself and many others...


 April 28, 2021  45m

episode 10: Gratitude with guest Michele Bailey

From a preschool age, Michele Bailey demonstrated her entrepreneurial skills and passion for spreading joy and gratitude. She continued to hone those skills and build businesses, teams, and relationships underpinned by her values and gratitude principles...


 April 14, 2021  33m