Lingthusiasm - A podcast that's enthusiastic about linguistics

A podcast that's enthusiastic about linguistics by Gretchen McCulloch (All Things Linguistic) and Lauren Gawne (Superlinguo). A weird and deep conversation about language delivered right to your ears the third Thursday of every month. Listened to all the episodes here and wish there were more? Want to talk with other people who are enthusiastic about linguistics? Get bonus episodes and access to our Discord community at Shownotes and transcripts:

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50: Climbing the sonority mountain from A to P

“Blick” is not a word of English. But it sounds l…



49: How translators approach a text

Before even starting to translate a work, a trans…


 2020-10-16  33m

 2020-09-18  44m

47: The happy fun big adjective episode

Adjectives: they’re big, they’re fun, they’re...m…


 2020-08-21  38m

46: Hey, no problem, bye! The social dance of phatics

How are you? Thanks, no problem. Stock, ritualist…


 2020-07-17  37m

45: Tracing languages back before recorded history

Language is much older than writing. But audio an…


 2020-06-19  38m

44: Schwa, the most versatile English vowel

The words about, broken, council, potato, and sup…


 2020-05-22  32m

43: The grammar of singular they - Interview with Kirby Conrod

Using “they” to refer to a single person is about…


 2020-04-17  42m

42: What makes a language “easy”? It’s a hard question

Asking which language is the hardest to learn is …


 2020-03-19  39m

41: This time it gets tense - The grammar of time

How do languages talk about the time when somethi…


 2020-02-21  35m