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PowerHouse Feng Shui Podcast is for women who want more ease, flow, joy, abundance, goodness in their lives whilst stepping into their power. You're tired of feeling stuck, you're doing all the right things to change your life, but nothing is working as fast as you want it to. You want to live life full out, be fulfilled and happy. This is the missing piece of the jigsaw, tapping into universal source energy and the magic that transforming your home can create. You're excited and ready to learn what it takes to create more growth and expansion, without working any harder. Hosted by Patricia Lohan, author of The Happy Home, Your Guide to creating a Happy, Healthy, Wealthy Life, you'll learn the ways you can easily become a manifesting magnet in your life and business. This is far more than decluttering or moving furniture. This is about accessing an un-utilised resource and turning your house into a magnet for more flow ease and magic. This is the show for you to spiritually and emotionally uplevel, because you're ready to power yourself and your home with Feng Shui.


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The Toughest Time in Our Business and How We Turned It Around

Patricia wants to share how thankful she is to all of you for tuning in to the Powerhouse Feng Shui podcast. She hopes that it will continuously help, inspire, make a positive change in you and your environment. Also, Patricia created an easy way to...


 2022-09-19  23m

The Biggest Manifestation Hack Ever - Special Training - To Having

In this live episode, Patricia is going to facilitate a bonus training day, wherein you will learn how to appreciate all the things in your life that support you, the things that you have and even the things that we take for granted.  Here you...


 2022-09-12  51m

Meditation Step in to Stratospheric Success Part 2

Welcome to the second part of the episode today. Patricia decided to separate the two episodes for all of you so you can listen to it again any time. Patricia is a huge fan of meditation, especially what you will do in this episode. Do this in a quiet...


 2022-09-05  22m

Step Into Stratospheric Success with Patricia Lohan

Having a clear vision is important if you want to get close to achieving your dream. Having a clear vision, can create positivity in your life and open up opportunities. Also, this can lead you to the correct path in fulfilling your dream.   This...


 2022-09-05  42m

How to Manifest Whatever You Want

Are you wondering how manifestation works? Thinking of how things should work in order to achieve what you really wanted?   Listen to the manifesting queen, Patricia, and start attracting what you truly desire. Start with having clarity of what...


 2022-08-29  19m

episode 29: Releasing Negative Energy from your Home

Life happens in a home or in the space where you are. It is important that you are mindful of clearing it from negative energies so that the flow for the good things will come in.  This is going to be our topic for this Feng Shui Friday, wherein...


 2022-08-22  15m

How to Turn your Office into an ATM machine using Feng Shui

What if you can turn your office into a money magnet by doing a 5-day challenge with Patricia? I am sure you will do it, right? When Patricia facilitated this same challenge before, there have been many testimonials of the challenge's success. At the...


 2022-08-19  11m

Feng Shui and Minimalist Living

Welcome to another episode of the Live Your Dreams Awake podcast! I am really excited to share with you today how Feng Shui and having a minimalist lifestyle work together. As you all know, Feng Shui is my favorite ancient modality. But how did this...


 2022-08-15  17m

Your MONEY Corner - The SE Area of Your Home

Your Money Corner is the SE area of your home – a main source of income. In Feng Shui, every part of your home represents a different part of your life and/or business. I like to say Feng Shui is acupuncture for your home. Just like every part of...


 2022-08-12  12m

The Luckiest Day of The Year in Feng Shui

888 is the luckiest three numbers in Feng Shui. And it happened to be Patricia’s birthday!   Today, Patricia will be sharing with you all about the luckiest day of the year. She will be talking about numbers, dates, and astrology. Patricia is...


 2022-08-08  23m